Dune Part Two Has Found Its Emperor

Just like Star Wars, the Dune universe has an Emperor, and according to the source from Deadline, the legendary Christopher Walken will play the role of Emperor Shaddam Corino IV in the upcoming Dune 2 (officially titled as Dune Part Two).

This is not unexpected, considering that Florence Pugh was cast in the role of Princess Irulan Corrino, the daughter of the Emperor, just a few months ago. They would join returning cast members that include Timothee Chalamet, Rebecca Ferguson, Zendaya and Josh Brolin, as well as director, producer and co-screenwriter Denis Villeneuve.

Walken is a legendary actor who doesn’t need an introduction, but he has recently been busy with new movies and TV shows as well. These include roles in Amazon Prime Video’s The Outlaws and Apple TV+’s Severance.

Production on Dune Part Two is expected to start in the fall of 2022. It is set to premiere on 20 October 2023. In the meantime, check out my review of Dune Part One by heading over here. Dune is currently available to watch on the streaming platform HBO GO. There was also a recent early access launch of a pretty fun Dune game.

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