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The Late Kevin Conroy Reveals Difficult Recording Process For Batman Arkham Games

An official Warner Bros. interview with the late legendary Kevin Conroy has recently resurfaced. In the interview, he spoke about his experience recording voice lines for Batman in the Rocksteady Games' Batman Arkham franchise and it turns out that the experience was not actually a good one for the late actor. The late Kevin Conroy said: "Then ...

Gotham Knights Is Delayed To Next Year

If you're looking forward to a new Batman game in the veins of the Arkham series this year, tough luck. Warner Bros. Games Montreal's co-op comic book vigilante action game Gotham Knights will be delayed to 2022. The game was originally scheduled for this year. The reason for the delay is so that the team has more time to work on the title. h...

Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League Trailer Shows How Screwed Harley Quinn & Co. Are

Rounding up this morning's DC Fandome is a first look at Rocksteady's latest action-adventure project, Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League. The trailer below shows the Suicide Squad hanging around and doing their trade: killing and surviving while helping the government out with dirty jobs. The lineup here consist of Harley Quinn (with baseball...

Batman Arkham Makers Rocksteady Now Has Own Alleged Sex Harassment Problems [Update]

Update: Rocksteady released an official statement saying they're doing their best to commit to inclusion and getting feedback. We've updated the story to reflect this. Guess Ubisoft isn't the only big company with its own sex allegation problems. Batman Arkham series creators Rocksteady are also facing a bit of hot water. According to a recent Gu...

Warner Bros. Games Might Announce New Superhero Titles In An Upcoming DC Event

We may finally get a sneak peek at Warner Bros. Games' next big DC Comics title this August. WB Games recently announced it will be taking part in the upcoming digital DC FanDome event which is all about, you guessed it, the DC Universe. The event will take place on 23rd August 1am MY/SGT/GMT+8. So what will the game be? Well, here's what we ga...

[Rumour] Warner Bros May Have Passed On Rocksteady’s Superman

Rocksteady's next game has long been rumoured to be a Superman game for the past several years, especially since their last game was 2015's Batman: Arkham Knight. Now leaked concept art for a supposed Rocksteady Superman game may have revealed that the game may have existed at some point. However, a Twitter user discovered a piece of concept art o...

New Batman Arkham Game Might Be A Reboot

It's been six months since that Batman Day tease by Warner Bros. (WB) Games Montreal, which seemed to have been teasing a new Batman Arkham game. However, nothing ultimately came out of it, as the developer has remained silent all this time. Now evidence has surfaced that suggests the new Batman Arkham game will be a reboot. According to sources f...

Arkham Who? Marvel’s Spider-Man Is Now The Top Best Selling Superhero Game

I still remember the time Batman: Arkham Asylum was first released. As the rave reviews were flooding in, fans everywhere were echoing the sentiment that superhero games were finally getting the care and attention they deserved. Perhaps it was the end of the tirade of embarrassingly mediocre licensed games which were often just tie-ins for their bl...

Here’s What We Know About Rocksteady’s Next Game

Rocksteady Studios is best known for its acclaimed Batman Arkham franchise, the most recent major of which was Batman Arkham Knight in 2015. Almost half a decade has passed, and the developer remains extremely secretive about what game they're currently working on now, with only the littlest hints about what it could be. Let's track back to how we...

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