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Warner Bros. Discovery Slows Down Development Of Upcoming DC Movies: In an intense match, the Lone Wolves came out victorious. Read all about the big night here // Genshin Impact Special Version 3.0 Broadcast Airing This Saturday Night: In an intense match, the Lone Wolves came out victorious. Read all about the big night here // Overwatch League Player Discovers He Was Fired in The Most Unceremonious Way: In an intense match, the Lone Wolves came out victorious. Read all about the big night here
Capcom Countdown Reveal Pops Up; Might Be New Street Fighter Reveal

Capcom has launched a teaser website which is counting down to something later this week. The date of the reveal will be on 21 February 2pm GMT+8 (next Monday), which is coincidentally the same time the upcoming Street Fighter 5 Capcom Pro Tour Season Final showcase finishes. The Capcom Pro Tour Season Final will be showcasing exhibition matches...

Capcom Cup 2021 Cancelled Due To COVID-19

Sad news for fighting game fans: Capcom has cancelled its upcoming offline fighting game tournament for 2021. Capcom Cup 2021 will not be happening this February due to rising COVID-19 cases. Instead, an online finale will be held instead. Here's the official statement: "With rising cases of COVID-19 including the Omicron variant causing uncert...

Capcom Pro Tour 2021 Asia South East’s Winner Is One Of Singapore’s Finest

The past weekend's major Street Fighter 5 tournament boasts a lot of high-level Southeast Asia play, with some of Singapore and Malaysia's finest contesting for the coveted spot to represent their nation(s) in the next Capcom Pro Tour. The tournament featured notable players like Malaysia's IAmChuan, Singapore's Xian, and a good number of others...

Here Are The Winners Of The Capcom Pro Tour 2020 Season Final

Another year, another major Street Fighter tournament from Capcom. Thanks to COVID-19, we got an online finals instead of a grand offline tournament. It's better than nothing though, as the top Street Fighter 5 players have duked it out for supremacy to be in the Season Finals. Instead of one major tournament pitting everyone against each other ...

Capcom Cup Cancelled For 2021

2021 is not looking too bright for Street Fighter 5 and esports fans. Due to the rising cases of COVID-19 worldwide, Capcom has made the decision to cancel Capcom Cup and the Street Fighter League World Championship that is scheduled for 19th February to 21st February. At least, the offline portion of it anyway. Here is Capcom's official stateme...

Who Will Win Capcom Cup 2019? Our Top 10 Contenders

It’s that time of year again. After what has been arguably the most competitive season of the Capcom Pro Tour so far, the top 32 Street Fighter V players in the world will be gathering for the Capcom Cup 2019 finals - the culmination of the international esports fighting game circuit that is the Capcom Pro Tour. Given that you have to be on...

We’re Getting New Street Fighter 5 Characters Hopefully Before The End Of 2019

A lot of Street Fighter 5 fans are probably having fun with the game's latest additions like E.Honda and that Final Fight 3 chick. So it's good to know that we may be getting new characters to fill up the rest of Season 4. Here's what Capcom Street Fighter producer Yoshinori Ono said during the Brazil Game Show (via Eventhubs): "You wanna see new...

Japanese Pros & Tourney Winners Forfeit More Than US$80,000 In Prize Money

Those in the Fighting Game Community, especially fans of Street Fighter V, must already know by now about the legendary SFV player Yusuke Momochi and his stance of opposing Japan's strict laws in esports. Momochi recently won first place at the Capcom Pro Tour Street Fighter V Asia Premier which had its final matches played at Tokyo Game Show 2019...

KKP August 2019 Esports Roundup

If you're looking for a helpful list of awesome esports tournaments and events happening every month, you've come to the right place. August 2019 is TI9 month so be prepared for some serious DOTA 2 action. Check out what's happening this month: DOTA 2 The International 2019 Date: 15 August - 25 August 2019 Location: Shanghai, China Priz...

Capcom Removes Hong Kong From Pro Tour Lineup Due To Civil Unrest

Everyone not living under the rock knows that things are not peachy in Hong Kong right now, with protests and riots taking place in the streets of the city. Due to this ongoing civic unrest still raging on with no clear end in sight, Capcom has announced that they will be removing Hong Kong from its Pro Tour lineup. The upcoming Esports Festival...

Street Fighter V’s EVO 2019 Grand Finals Went Just As Expected

Street Fighter V's most dominant characters this season, Rashid and Karin, were used to full effect in EVO 2019's Grand Finals. With Adel "Bigbird" Anouche and Masato "Bonchan" Takahashi defeating everyone in their respective paths, SFV fans get to see many "Perfect" matches involving the game's most offense-heavy characters. [videopress EL8j...

Street Fighter V: Road To Tokyo Asia Invitational 2019 Announced

The month of August is going to be an interesting and exciting time for Street Fighter fans in Asia. The Street Fighter V: Asia Invitational 2019 will be held in Japan at the Tokyo Game Show (TGS) 2019 this September. To see who deserves a spot at the Asia Invitational, the Street Fighter V: Road To Tokyo Asia Invitational 2019 will be held in Augu...

Street Fighter 5 Has New Balance Changes Following Capcom Cup 2018

This story is still in development... A new season draws new. Street Fighter 5's Season 4 patch is up and live on PlayStation 4. Also, we're getting a new fighter named Kage who looks like Evil Ryu with devil horns and can "fly" (or at least has flight-like/airdashes/jumping shenanigans). Points for originality, Capcom. https://www.facebook.com...

Street Fighter V’s In-Game Ads Feature Makes NASCAR Vehicles Look Like van Gogh

A few days ago, Capcom announced the "sponsored content" option starting 11 December where players can obtain additional Fight Money (the currency you use to buy characters and stuff) in Ranked and Casual Matches. Sponsored content/ads will be on fighter's costumes, on the loading screen before a fight, and on stages like the Ring of Power. Oh, and...

[Report] Super Street Fighter V Is Coming, To No One’s Surprise

Street Fighter V's eventual fourth season is coming. But did you know that there's allegedly going to be another huge 2019 update called Super Street Fighter V? So much for innovative naming schemes, eh Capcom? In any case, prominent leaker X-Kira (via Eventhubs) did the usual datamining and found out that the update is slated for December 2019. H...

The Best Matches From South East Asia Major 2018

Southeast Asian's fighting game scene takes a step towards the mainstream with the recent South East Asia Major 2018 fighting game tournament. With titles like Street Fighter V to even upcoming 3D weapons-based epic SoulCalibur VI (out next week BT dubs), this year's highlights are looking just as exhilarating as this year's EVO 2018 offerings. Ar...

Singapore & Malaysia’s FGC Join Forces For July Battle Royale

The two biggest fighting game organizers & tournament bodies from Singapore and Malaysia (arguably by default) are joining forces for a fight many regional fans will never forget. Singaporean FGC godfathers-slash-organizers BeastApac will team up with their Malaysian counterparts Flash Vision for a Flash Vision x South East Asia Major 2018 Mal...

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