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Here Are The Latest Xbox Game Pass Titles This Month: In an intense match, the Lone Wolves came out victorious. Read all about the big night here // Evil West Delayed To November: In an intense match, the Lone Wolves came out victorious. Read all about the big night here // FIFA 23 X Marvel Collaboration For World Cup: In an intense match, the Lone Wolves came out victorious. Read all about the big night here
Tokyo Game Show: Capcom Will Stream Two Presentations

Capcom come out and announced that they will have two presentations being streamed during Tokyo Game Show 2022. The initial presentation, dubbed Capcom Online Program, will take place on 15 September at 10:00 AM (ET) / 10:00 PM (GMT+8). This will be a pre-recorded presentation and will feature the latest in Capcom news. The second presentatio...

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak Title Update Launches Today

Capcom's Monster Hunter Rise's expansion is getting, well, expanded further with a new title update. During today's title update video feature, the game will be getting a bunch of new colossal monsters for players to fight, as if the Sunbreak expansion isn't enough to sate those genocidal jollies. Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak's first major titl...

Street Fighter 6 Kimberly & Juri Officially Revealed

Update (8/8/2022): The trailers for both characters are up via EVO 2022 after the Street Fighter 5 finals. Also, official pics and screenshots added.  Street Fighter 6 will be getting a couple of new characters in its ever-growing roster, though this happened by accident. Capcom's German Twitter account (via ResetEra) accidentally leaked two...

Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Sales Surpass Two Million Units

Capcom has announced that the total worldwide shipments and digital sales for the Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak expansion have surpassed two million units since releasing on 30 June 2022 on Nintendo Switch and PC. Meanwhile, the Monster Hunter Rise base game has already sold more than 10 million units worldwide since its launch. Sunbreak is a mas...

Capcom Is Finally Releasing A Mega Man Battle Network Legacy Collection

After releasing both a Mega Man X and Mega Man Zero Legacy Collection, all which are splendid collections by the by, what's next for Capcom? How about all six(ish) Mega Man Battle Network games? Capcom has announced the Mega Man Battle Network Legacy Collection, which contains all the Mega Man Battle Network RPG titles featuring the pretty nifty...

Ace Attorney’s Sexy Clown Girl Is Trending Online For Some Reason

Fans of the Ace Attorney series since the Game Boy Advance days are aware of the crazy and weird-ass witnesses who usually take a stand during a testimonial, who mostly chastise the defendant be it title character Phoenix Wright to greenhorn Athena Cykes. One of these kooky characters happen to be a buxom clown girl named Geiru Toneido who looks li...

Dragon’s Dogma 2 Announced

Finally, after 10 long years, we're getting a sequel to the beloved action RPG Dragon's Dogma. Dragon's Dogma 2 is officially announced during Capcom's Dragon's Dogma 10th Anniversary video. Director Hideaki Itsuno talks about Dragon's Dogma's history, before finally pulling out a t-shirt to reveal that he and his team are working on a sequel. H...

Capcom: There Are No Legal Issues With Putting In Fei Long In Street Fighter Games

Capcom recently played down reports here and there about long-running Street Fighter character Fei Long, who is obviously a Bruce Lee tribute, not being able to appear in the 2D fighting game due to legal issues with the Bruce Lee estate. According to Eurogamer who spoke with Street Fighter 6 director Takayuki Nakayama, he and the company denied...

You Can Play The Exoprimal Dino-Hunting PC Beta This July

Dino-hunting never goes out in style, especially if you're given kick-ass scifi suits to work with. Capcom announced that its upcoming multiplayer exosuit-wearing dino-genocide game Exoprimal is coming out in 2023. They also showcased new gameplay featuring, you guessed it, more dinosaur-killing and exosuit-badassery. You have two squads of five...

Capcom Showcase 2022: Resident Evil Village DLC & More

The Capcom Showcase 2022 took place earlier today. Check out all the game reveals and announcements below: Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak New monsters unveiled for Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak, including Espinas, Gore Magala, Daimyo Hermitaur and Pyre Radna-Kadaki. [caption id="attachment_146641" align="aligncenter" width="1920"] Espinas....

Here’s How A Full Street Fighter 6 Match Plays Out

Update(16/6/2022): New Guile match added. The match is from a CapcomTV! segment and features Guile's new moves and battle damage in-game. https://youtu.be/W9e_UHpZfrI Original story The Summer Game Festival this week is showcasing a ton of Street Fighter 6 at its offline in-person gathering in Los Angeles. And we now have a first look at h...

Street Fighter 6 Character Themes For Chun-Li & Luke Are Out Now

Capcom just published a couple of Street Fighter 6 character music themes on its official website (via Fighting Game Anniversaries). Luke's track is called "Taking Aim" and it's a remix of his Street Fighter 5 theme but with a more hip-hop slow BPM flair with huge emphasis on bass. https://twitter.com/FGAnniversaries/status/153506066271136155...

Check Out The Full Street Fighter 6 Main Theme Here

Remember that hip hop track that accompanied the sweet Street Fighter 6 trailer with the gameplay? Well, that's the game's main theme. The song is called "Not On The Sidelines" and it's by Rocco808 and Randy Marx according to an exclusive Rollling Stone piece. The song is meant to evoke the themes and retro vibe of the fighting game franchise, w...

We Might Be Getting That Dragon’s Dogma 2 Reveal Later This Month

Capcom's Devil May Cry director may have hinted at a Dragon's Dogma sequel reveal happening soon. According to a message from Hideaki Itsuno, a director and producer known for the Devil May Cry series and Power Stone games, retweeted a message from Capcom stating that we "make sure [we] tune in for the latest Capcom information" on 14th June. ...

[Rumour] Here Is The Current Street Fighter 6 Roster So Far, Featuring Old Favourites Returning

Hours after the new Street Fighter 6 came out, along comes a 4chan post from an anonymous user who uploads the majority of the roster for the game. The mix of names from the leaked images on 4chan and on Twitter (via @zero_setsu) feature a number of returning characters and new fighters in the sixth mothership game. These include a new version o...

[Rumour] Capcom To Set Up Shop In Red Dot Country Singapore

The folks behind Street Fighter and Resident Evil will be setting up a new branch in Singapore. This report came from a LinkedIn page of one Ikuo Hirano, who is listed as the director for Capcom Singapore PTE LTD (via Nintendo Soup & various blogs). This page is backed up with a SGP Business Registry entry which stated that the office has be...

Dragon’s Dogma 10th Anniversary Page Launched; Probably Alludes To Upcoming Sequel News

Capcom has launched a 10th anniversary website for Dragon's Dogma. This clearly means the company may finally, FINALLY announce a sequel to the hit JRPG. Here's a message from the site itself and from Capcom: "Starting May 2022, Dragon’s Dogma is celebrating its 10th anniversary. Thank you, Arisen, for taking up arms and braving through the i...

Netflix’s Resident Evil Series Trailer Teases Two Timelines, The Games Are Canon

Netflix has revealed the first teaser trailer for its live-action Resident Evil series. It stars Lance Reddick as Albert Wesker, one of the iconic main antagonists of the franchise. Tamara Smart and Ella Balinska portray the younger and older versions of Wesker’s daughter Jade, while Siena Agudong, Adeline Rudolph, Paola Nuñez, Ahad Raza Mir, Co...

Capcom Will Release Multiple Major New Titles By End Of March 2023

Capcom has shared some details during its fiscal year report ended 31 March 2022. The company will be releasing multiple new titles by 31 March 2023 and plans to release a total of 45 SKUs, and selling 37 million units total (10 million from the new, the rest from back catalogue). The company previously sold 32.6 million in the previous fiscal y...

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak – All The New Features & Monsters Announced So Far

The next major Monster Hunter Rise expansion, Sunbreak, is coming out in over a month. Capcom has announced a bunch of new features and updates for the DLC, so let's go over them quick. New Monsters Seregios will be in Sunbreak, making a return since its debut in Mosnter Hunter 4 Ultimate. Seregios fights players with its erratic behaviour, s...

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