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[Rumour] Star Wars Eclipse Is Facing Development Problems

Adventure game makers Quantic Dream might be in deep while in the midst of making the next Star Wars game. Star Wars Eclipse was announced earlier this month, but already it's facing development troubles. According to a recent exposé from VGC writer Tom Henderson,  Star Wars Eclipse started out as an MMORPG named Project Karma that Sony re...

Here’s Why Sony And Quantic Dream Aren’t BFFs Anymore

Amidst the David Cage Star Wars rumours going around, it's safe to say that his company Quantic Dream may not be close with Sony and PlayStation anymore. You'd be right to assume that, since recent news have cropped up regarding both companies and their relationship with one another. While Quantic Dream's partnership with Sony was at its peak du...

Quantic Dream Promotes Own Game Amidst “Black Lives Matter” Protests

In recent news of an outspoken game developer company who do not know how to read the room, Quantic Dream's co-CEO Guillaume de Fondaumière posted a seemingly innocuous tweet. The Tweet was about the recent protests and riots going on in the US of A concerning the death of George Floyd caused by police brutality. Why was this a screenshot? Be...

David Cage’s Interactive Movies Are Now Listed On Steam

Quantic Dream and David Cage are interchangeable terms: they both deliver subtle-as-sledgehammer-narratives with some semblance of gameplay. Perfect for casuals and game reviewers. Now you can experience the "joyful" David Cage experience on another PC digital platform store. David Cage's trio of games -Heavy Rain, Beyond: Two Souls, and Detroit: ...

These Are Your Detroit: Become Human PC Specs

Quantic Dream's growth in the video games industry has been one hell of a ride. About a decade ago, they released the well-received Heavy Rain and last year we got Detroit: Become Human as a PS4 exclusive. Well, former PS4 exclusive. Detroit: Become Human is coming to PC via the Epic Games Store. The game is scheduled to release on 12 December 2...

Court Orders Quantic Dream To Pay Ex-Employee For Failing ‘Security Obligation’

After almost decades of making games that feel like interactive movies, Quantic Dream finally found success in the release of Detroit: Become Human last year. The studio has resurfaced in the news but not exactly for the right reasons. A recent tweet from the official Quantic Dream Twitter page reveals that the company has been ordered by the La...

Quantic Dream PS4 Exclusives Coming Soon To PC Via Epic Store

It looks like PlayStation exclusives aren't even sacred anymore. During a keynote at GDC (Game Developers Conference) 2019 in San Francisco, Quantic Dream announced that Detroit Become Human, Beyond Two Souls, and Heavy Rain are slated to release for the PC exclusively via the Epic Games Store. This news (via Twinfinite) is surprising due to the f...

These New PS4 Dual Packs Offer Two Games For The Price Of One

Sony Interactive Entertainment Hong Kong Limited Singapore Branch (SIES) has announced that two new PS4 Dual Packs will become available for sale starting from 17 January 2019. Each of these Dual Packs offers two games for the price of one. The PS4 Masterpiece Pack offers two excellent games from 2018, including Sony Santa Monica's God of War and ...

Liked Black Mirror’s Bandersnatch But Want More? Try These Interactive Games!

Netflix took the world by storm with Black Mirror's "Bandersnatch" episode, introducing non-gamers and normal viewers alike to the interactive choose-your-own-adventure genre. While it may be groundbreaking in the realm of movies and television, games and books have long featured the interactive adventure format. It's too early to definitively stat...

ComicsLord’s Top 10 Gaming Things Of 2018

2018 has been a magnificent year for gaming. It's definitely better than 2016 or 2017 was for me. What a year it was, especially for the PS4, which (in my opinion) had its best year yet with phenomenal exclusives that blew all the competition away. It was the year of the PS4, with two Game of the Year (GOTY) candidates being PS4 exclusives. Before ...

New PS4 Hits and Party Bundles Start Selling This Month

If you don't own a PS4 yet, these new PS4 bundles are for you. Sony Interactive Entertainment Hong Kong Limited Singapore Branch (SIES) has announced two new PlayStation 4 bundles; the PS4 HITS Bundle and the PS4 Party Bundle. First up is the newly-updated PS4 HITS Bundle. There have actually been several PS4 HITS bundles in the past, each with ...

Check Out All The Cool Stuff At PSX 2018 Bangkok, Thailand

Last weekend, PlayStation fans were in for a treat. At least the ones in Bangkok, Thailand, and the ones who managed to fly down there on time. The PlayStation Experience 2018 took place at the GMM Live House, featuring upcoming titles like that Spider-Man game, SoulCalibur VI, and Kingdom Hearts III, as well as guest appearances by Low Cost Cospla...

Detroit: Become Human – All The Endings, Best Scenes, & Trophies List

So we played Detroit: Become Human. It's a decent interactive experience, though it's still not much of a game. But that's pretty much the way "auteur" David Cage works. He's also renowned for being influenced by the medium he's so enamoured in recreating in games: film. Though to his credit, he has done a lot of research in civil rights movement ...

In Detroit: Become Human, The Real Antagonist Is David Cage

Platform: PS4 Genre: Adventure, Dialogue Flowchart, David Cage Production One instance I'm a clean-cut pleasant-sounding android detective trying to solve human murder cases with my gruff cop partner voiced by Lex Luthor/Mr. Krabs in the mean streets of Detroit 2038. The next, I'm in the shoes of a maid android on the run with her surrogate ...

David Cage’s Next Adventure Game About Robots Is Out This May 25

Addendum: Here are the suggested retail prices for Detroit: Become Human in the Malaysian market: Blu-ray Disc Standard Version: MYR 229 Blu-ray Disc Collector’s Edition: MYR 259 Digital Standard Version: MYR 209 Digital Deluxe Version: MYR 249 Detroit: Become Human, the next David Cage and Quantic Dreams "magnum opus" which is in no wa...

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