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Here Are The Latest Xbox Game Pass Titles This Month: In an intense match, the Lone Wolves came out victorious. Read all about the big night here // Evil West Delayed To November: In an intense match, the Lone Wolves came out victorious. Read all about the big night here // FIFA 23 X Marvel Collaboration For World Cup: In an intense match, the Lone Wolves came out victorious. Read all about the big night here
Nintendo Japan Office Caught Fire; Extinguished By Employees

The House of N experienced quite a bit of chaos earlier today. A small fire broke out at Nintendo's Development Center in Kyoto, Japan (via NHK), which is essentially Nintendo's Japan headquarters. Thankfully the fire was extinguished by employees, despite eight fire trucks being dispatched to the location. No one was injured or harmed, thoug...

Here’s Your First Look At New AEW: Fight Forever Wrestling Gameplay & Its Wacky Minigames

THQ Nordic just showed off even more gameplay of its upcoming wrestling game AEW: Fight Forever, made by wrestling game experts Yuke's who worked on the past WWE titles. Apart from the usual All Elite Wrestling-style fighting and 1v1 mat-wrestling, we also get a snippet of the game's wackier side including Simon Says-style minigames and even bat...

Tokyo Game Show: Capcom Will Stream Two Presentations

Capcom come out and announced that they will have two presentations being streamed during Tokyo Game Show 2022. The initial presentation, dubbed Capcom Online Program, will take place on 15 September at 10:00 AM (ET) / 10:00 PM (GMT+8). This will be a pre-recorded presentation and will feature the latest in Capcom news. The second presentatio...

Sega Mega Drive Mini 2 Confirms 11 More Games For Japan

SEGA has announced 11 more games that will be included with the Japanese version of SEGA Genesis / Mega Drive Mini 2. These 11 titles include: Cartridge Titles Gain Ground Phantasy Star II Populous Sorcerian Tougi Ou: King Colossus Viewpoint SEGA / Mega CD Titles Ecco the Dolphin CD Robo Aleste Romance of the T...

This Dragon Quest Wireless Charging Pad Is Now Up For Pre-Order

Square Enix has unveiled a new Dragon Quest Square Enix Wireless Charging Pad Zing with Glowing Slime Figure. It is priced at ¥6,500, or roughly RM214+. It is slated to release sometime in December 2022. It's an adorable piece of merchandise for any Dragon Quest fan to have, especially because it comes with a cute slime figure of its own. You c...

Gory Chainsaw Man Trailer Reveals October Premiere Date

MAPPA has announced an October 2022 release window for the upcoming anime adaptation of Chainsaw Man in a brand new trailer. The new trailer also revealed the main cast members, which include Tomori Kusunoki as Makima, Kikunosuke Toya as Denji, Shogo Sakata as Aki, and Fairouz Ai as Power. Crunchyroll previously confirmed that they will simulcas...

Former The Witcher 3 Devs Announce Multiplayer Stealth Game Set In Feudal Japan

Dark Passenger is a new game studio based in Warsaw, Poland, which is staffed by developers who previously worked on The Witcher 3 and Cyberpunk 2077. They have announced that they're making a new multiplayer stealth action game set in feudal Japan. The team at Dark Passenger includes co-founders Jakub Ben and Marcin Michalski, cinematic artist an...

See Soul Hackers 2’s Persona 5 Phantom Thieves Costumes In Action

Soul Hackers 2 will be coming out later in August for PC and consoles, so why not check out more gameplay while we're waiting? Atlus shared new gameplay of the upcoming cyber JRPG with demon-summoning, now with the main character Ringo and her team of Summoners now donning Persona 5 Phantom Thieves apparel. In addition, the new 30-minute footage...

Valorant Champions Tour 2022: Last Chance Qualifiers – Dates & Teams

VCT Champions is just over a month away, and with it on the horizon, means that for some teams, this will be their last chance to play on the international stage for the rest of the Valorant season. But in fact, there are six slots remaining, one for each region, so I'm going to give you a rundown of the dates and teams competing for a chance to...

Shin Ultraman Is Coming To Malaysia This October

Malaysian cinema chain GSC Cinemas has announced that Shin Ultraman will premiere exclusively at GSC Cinemas on 6 October 2022. https://twitter.com/GSCinemas/status/1551809787788029953 Directed by Shinji Higuchi, Shin Ultraman originally premiered in Japan in May 2022. It is based on a screenplay by Neon Genesis Evangelion creator Hideaki Ann...

This Nintendo Switch Game Lets You Massage Women To The Beat Of Songs

Japanese publisher Qureate announced a rather interesting title that combines relaxation techniques with music rhythm mechanics. Sounds innocent enough, right? The game is called Massage Freaks and you play a masseuse who massages his clients for money to pay off his debts, with your hand and finger motions following the beat of the song. You us...

Nintendo Buys Visual Content Company To Turn Into Nintendo Pictures

Nintendo has announced that they are acquiring Dynamo Pictures, which is a Tokyo-based company that plans and produces visual content. The acquisition is expected to close by 3 October 2022. According to the press release, the acquisition of Dynamo Pictures will allow it to strengthen the planning and production structure of visual content in t...

Hololive English VTuber Tsukumo Sana To Graduate Soon

Tsukomo Sana of Hololive English will be graduating from the VTuber group on 31st July according to a recent YouTube announcement she uploaded. Cover Corporation, the group that runs Hololive, has discussed "the direction of her activities". And due to the VTuber facing difficulties in continuing her streams, the company has allowed her to gradu...

Doraemon Visits Floating Cities In A New Movie Coming Next Year

A new Doraemon movie is slated to release in Japan next year in March 2023. The official Doraemon Movie YouTube account posted the teaser trailer for the movie, which is titled Eiga Doraemon Nobita to Sora no Utopia (or Doraemon Nobita's Sky Utopia). The teaser trailer seemingly shows Doraemon, Nobita and his friends flying airships and aeroplan...

Japanese Crime Drama My Family Launches Next Week On Disney+ Hotstar

My Family is an exciting new Japanese crime thriller starring the award-winning Kazunari Ninomiya, and Mikako Tabe, which will begin streaming this 10-episode series from 25 May 2022 on Disney+ Hotstar. When startup founder and CEO Atsuto Narusawa finds incredible success, fame and fortune with the launch of his company’s popular online video ...

Saudi Arabia Owns 5% Of Nintendo

Saudi Arabia's Public Investment Fund, which is the country's bottomless pit of money used to diversify into sectors beyond oil, has a new acquisition in place: a small chunk of the Big N. Saudi Arabia now has 5.01% stake in Nintendo according to a Bloomberg report that detailed a recent Japanese Finance Ministry filing. Other companies with som...

Here’s Your First Look At The AEW Wrestling Game In Action

Publisher AEW (All Elite Wrestling) Games and developer Yuke's have revealed new gameplay for its upcoming wrestling game, tentatively titled AEW Console Game. Despite having no official title, Yuke's has some character trailers showcasing the moves of Kris Statlander and Nyla Rose. They're pretty short clips, but there's potential. https://w...

The Pokemon Arceus Anime Series Will Start This May

The divisive Pokemon game Pokemon Legends: Arceus is getting a short anime series. And it's airing sooner than you think. The show, Pokemon: Hisuian Snow, will starting airing online on 18 May 2022. There will be three episodes total. The show starts a man named Alec who is friends is a Hisuian Zoroa. The series showcases a time when humans a...

Tactics Ogre Reborn Trademarked By Square Enix In Japan

It looks like we might finally be getting a new Tactics Ogre game. Square Enix recently filed a trademark for the title; Tactics Ogre Reborn. This indicates that the Japanese publisher and developer is working on a either a sequel or a remaster of the classic tactical RPG game. The original Tactics Ogre Let Us Cling Together released for the Nin...

Doraemon Co-Creator Fujiko A. Fujio Dies At 88

Manga creator Fujiko A. Fujio, whose real name is Motoo Abiko, has passed away on Thursday morning at his home in Kawasaki, Tokyo, at the age of 88. According to the news report on TBS News, the Japanese police responded to a call that reported someone had collapsed at about 8.40 am, but Fujiko had already passed away by the time that they arriv...

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