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Kung Fu Panda 4 Set To Release March 2024: In an intense match, the Lone Wolves came out victorious. Read all about the big night here // THQ Nordic Announce New Real-Time Strategy Game Tempest Rising: In an intense match, the Lone Wolves came out victorious. Read all about the big night here // Jagged Alliance 3 Gets A New Trailer At THQ Nordic's Showcase: In an intense match, the Lone Wolves came out victorious. Read all about the big night here
Latest Dolittle Adaptation Is Not The Big Break For Iron Man Actor

The classic kid's tale of a doctor who can speak to animals and fix them hasn't been adapted in a while since that one 1998 starring Eddie Murphy. Seeing as Hollywood is pretty bankrupt ideas-wise, the folks from Universal Pictures, Team Downey, Roth Films, and Perfect World Pictures saw it fit to retell the tale in a new way set in a period settin...

Beware, Maleficent: Mistress Of Evil Will Put A Curse Of Boredom On You

I don't vividly remember the first Maleficent movie and this time, I'm not blaming my poor memory. It was a forgettable retcon of a beloved Disney story that had Angelina Jolie's face plastered all over it. The sequel is actually just more of that but with less substance. Don't be fooled by the subtitle, this isn't a movie that will introduce any b...

Stuber Relies On Toxic Violence & Swearing To Mask A Generic Buddy Cop Movie

What makes a good buddy cop movie? It's the chemistry and dynamic between the two leads, and the hilarity that ensues. Movies like Rush Hour and The Nice Guys oozed charisma and comedy, with fun action and good writing. Stuber is nothing like those beloved buddy cop movies. It's generic and problematic, with none of the elements that make a good b...

Hellboy Is A Fun And Gory Tribute For Fans Of The Comics

It's almost impossible to avoid comparing the reboot of a franchise to that which came before, which in this case refers to Neil Marshall's 2019 Hellboy reboot and Guillermo Del Toro's two Hellboy movies in 2004 and 2008. As a fan of the comics, it's hard not to be pleased when a comic book adaptation attempts to be closer and more faithful to the ...

Ant-Man And The Wasp Is A Fun If Inconsequential Ride

2018 is Marvel Studios' 10th anniversary. The release of the phenomenal Black Panther and Avengers: Infinity War were a testament to how far the company has progressed since Iron Man in 2008. However, 2018 isn't over yet as Ant-Man And The Wasp is set to close the curtain on what is the studio's arguably best year to date. Unfortunately, Ant-Man An...

Solo Review: Stop Making Star Wars Spin-Offs

What 's wrong with the Star Wars brand now that it inspired awe and huge fandoms in the past but can now simply muster an "okay" reaction? What does it say about Solo: A Star Wars Story when directly after watching the movie, I felt like the Star Wars spin-offs should probably stop. "Star Wars fatigue" hasn't set in yet but if Solo is any indicatio...

Avengers Infinity War Review: Thanos The Movie

This is it. The culmination of 10 years in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, it has all been leading to this. Does it manage to juggle the insane amount of heroes and villains? Is Thanos a decent villain? Is Avengers: Infinity War worthy of calling itself the most ambitious crossover event in the history of movies? I'm here to tell you that the answer...

Black Panther Review

I walked into the Marvel's Black Panther media preview with tempered expectations, having consciously avoided all the trailers and teasers released to date. My exposure to the Marvel marketing machine were limited to the first trailer and its second TV spot; I even avoided reading any reviews published online just so that I have a clear, unbiased p...

The Last Jedi Review

After numerous accusations that 2015's The Force Awakens was a rehash of A New Hope, director Rian Johnson has it cut out for him to not only avoid such comparison in The Last Jedi, but to also meet the expectations that come with any Star Wars movie. Will it be another Empire? Will it suck? Will the Porgs be this generation's equivalent for Ewoks?...

Pixar’s Coco Review

Coco might possibly be the best animated film Pixar Animation Studios has ever made. The emotions and feels hit as hard as 2009’s Up and 2010’s Toy Story 3, which already reduced many children (and adults!) to tears with its heartbreaking opening montage of Carl and Ellie’s ups and downs together as well as Woody and the gang r...

Justice League Review

We understand that this one comes out a wee bit later than other sites - we apologize for it since we missed out on the media preview for Justice League and were only able to catch the movie once it was released to public. Today Alleef is going to review it - we appreciate the comments and differing views - just be civil aye? Back in 2012, M...

Thor: Ragnarok Review

Thor: Ragnarok plays like a live-action special of Saturday cartoon. It is fun and (very) enjoyable in many parts, interspersed with tiny conflicts and squabbles between the cast but nothing severe and you somehow know things will be resolved later down the line. But it also fits very well into the Marvel Cinematic Universe grander scheme of things...

Does Blade Runner 2049 do justice to one of the most iconic science fiction films of all time?

In 1982, Ridley Scott made a film entitled ‘Blade Runner’ that was so far ahead of its time that it was poorly received at launch and only gained cult status in later years after it has inspired countless intellectual properties such as the anime Ghost in The Shell and the video game franchise Deus Ex, amongst others. For its sequel ov...

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