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Alice In Borderland Season 2 Premieres On Netflix This December: In an intense match, the Lone Wolves came out victorious. Read all about the big night here // Netflix's El Elegido Is An American Jesus Comic Book Adaptation Starring Namor Actor: In an intense match, the Lone Wolves came out victorious. Read all about the big night here // Narrative-Driven Game Oxenfree Is Now Available To Play On Netflix: In an intense match, the Lone Wolves came out victorious. Read all about the big night here
Merdekaverse Lets You Celebrate Merdeka & Malaysia Day In The Metaverse

Platform(s): PC (browser-based) Genre: Metaverse, NFT, Virtual 2022 marks the 65th anniversary of Malaysia's independence on 31 August 2022, and the 59th anniversary of the formation of Malaysia on 16 September 2022. This year for the first time ever in history, Malaysians will have the opportunity to celebrate our country's Merdeka and Malaysi...

Cosplay Thailand 2022 Sets the Stage for The Next Big Thing in Cosplay

How did you spend your last weekend? We at Kakuchopurei spent ours surrounded by thousands of pop culture fans and cosplayers at the Union Mall in Bangkok. After over two years of being bound to Malaysia due to the global pandemic, Team KKP is finally back to covering regional events. Suffice to say, expect more of similar vein in the upcoming m...

Mojang Says “No” To NFTs In Minecraft

Mojang, the company that made Minecraft, said that it has no plans to officially support Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) in its sole game. The Microsoft-owned studio has made its stance known in an official blog post to address recent community feedback. "In our Minecraft Usage Guidelines, we outline how a server owner can charge for access, and tha...

This Week In PC Gaming: 15th July

Our weekly recaps continue, still in video form. Welcome, ladies and gents, to another entry of This Week In PC Gaming. Thanks to our sponsors from Asus and their TUF Gaming brand, we're given the opportunity to do a weekly dose of PC gaming recaps featuring the top news and game releases/highlights of the week. For the week of 9th-15th July, we...

Dead Or Alive Creator Is Making A Sus NFT Game

Tomonobu Itagaki has announced that his new studio, Apex Game Studios, is making an NFT game called Warrior. Itagaki is best known for being the creator of the Dead Or Alive fighting game franchise at Team Ninja. The new company will focus on producing “high-quality and immersive 3A Web3.0 games”. Apex Game Studios currently has over 100 emp...

NFTs Of Cosplayers Are A Thing Now, It Seems

NFTs have been all the talk over the past year. But FrostyWhale are indeed taking steps to help innovate the industry by creating a platform for cosplayers to create digital products for consumers to purchase. That's right, starting with the Thai cosplay scene, you will be able to purchase original digital content from some of Thailands most ico...

This Man Left A Cushy Riot Games Job For An NFT Game Company; We Find Out Why

Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT) games have been making the rounds across the web, and many of the faces behind the games may have been involved in some of your favourite games, whether you like it or not. For example, a Riot Games higher-up leaves for a chance to make NFTs work in brand-new games. Justin Hulog, is a former employee of Riot Games, the ...

Fake NFT Project Involving Mega Man “Father” Keiji Inafune Has Shut Down

NFT Project dubbed "Beastroid" claiming feature artwork from Mega Man artist and Mighty No. 9 creator Keiji Inafune was shut down. Earlier today news broke that Mega Man artist and Might No. 9 creator Keiji Inafune was working on an NFT collection labelled "Beastroid" (via VGC). It was discovered that there was a countdown website via a Japan...

This Renegade Video Game Company Will Not Do NFTs

In what could be a common-sense statement made bold, PlatinumGames said it will not be interested in NFTs, or non-fungible tokens. According to a recent Videogame Chronicles interview, CEO Atsushi Inaba was pretty blunt with his comments on NFTs. "I understand it’s a hot topic right now, and it’s really starting to gain momentum, ...

Acceptance Of NFTs & The Metaverse Will Continue To Increase In 2022

It seems like almost every company in the video games industry is currently evaluating going into NFTs or the Metaverse. However, the backlash against NFTs and the Metaverse has made their sales and adoption slower than expected. According to statistics provided by a recent report from Newzoo, this will change soon. While many companies have exp...

Nintendo Is Not Pursuing The Metaverse Or NFTs… Yet

It seems like almost every company in the video games industry is currently evaluating going into NFTs or the Metaverse. What about Nintendo, one of the biggest players in the game? In their latest investor's Q&A report, they express interest in the technology (NFT and Metaverse), but they won't be adopting the new technology yet. The statem...

Konami To Move Ahead With Its NFT Plans

Konami has announced that they will be moving ahead with their NFT (Non-Fungible Tokens) plans. According to the company's latest official financial report, the reason why they will continue selling NFTs is for the purpose of preserving content. The statement reads: "We will also be selling NFTs in an effort to preserve content that has been lo...

Indie Devs Under Publisher Team17 Revolts Against NFT Plans, Including Overcooked Makers [Update]

Update: Team17 has ended its Worms NFT plans following all the backlash. Here's the official statement from the publisher: "Team17 is today announcing an end to the MetaWorms NFT project. We have listened to our teamsters, development partners, and our games’ communities, and the concerns they’ve expressed, and have therefore taken t...

Troy Baker No Longer Partners With NFT-Making VoiceVerse

VoiceVerse, the NFT-making company that plans on getting people to own digitized voices through non-fungible tokens, has lost its superstar endorser. Famous video game voice actor Troy Baker has pulled out from his controversial partnership with VoiceVerse NFT. Here's his official response: "Thank you all for your feedback and patience. After c...

Team17 Dabbles In NFT With Worms

Worms developer Team17 has announced that they are getting into NFTs. However, it may not be as it seems. According to a report by Eurogamer, several teams within Team17 had no knowledge of these NFT plans prior to the official announcement earlier today. In a new statement, Team17 told Eurogamer that these NFT will not be in the actual game. ...

Guess Which Game Developers Have No Interest In NFTs?

If you answered "most of them" to the headline above this story, you're right. The Game Developers Conference's annual State of the Game Industry Report has been released, which asked over 2,700 game developers about their work. When asked "what is your studio's interest in non-fungible tokens (NFTs)?" about 70% of the 2,700 developers said they...

Guess How Much Konami Made Out Of Its Castlevania NFT Auction?

To celebrate the 35th anniversary of the hit side-scrolling action game Castlevania that features buff men killing vampire lords and the undead with metal whips, Konami decided to hold an auction for 14 NFTs (non-fungible tokens) based on the license. One could say that this is taking a piss at a legacy title that has garnered a lot of respect t...

Video Game Voice Actor Troy Baker Partners With NFT Company; Gets Slammed Online

Troy Baker, a prolific video game voice actor who isn't known for his humility, is throwing his hat into the NFT ring. He is partnering with company Voiceverse NFT to probably get other people to buy digital receipts that comprise of customized digital artworks in his likeness, probably. Keep in mind that Voiceverse is the first company to creat...

Linkin Park’s Mike Shinoda Talks About NFTs & Game Design; Gets Roasted Online

Over the weekend, Mike Shinoda of Linkin Park fame has brought up interest in NFTs (non-fungible tokens) and wants to find out more about it via a civil chat online on Twitter. https://twitter.com/mikeshinoda/status/1479862699022372867 The result is the following take from the spinmaster himself: Great convo here. What I think I learned: - Peop...

Square Enix President Starts The New Year With Pro-NFT Stance

The 1st of January 2022 means a ton of welcome messages from various video game companies. We'll be sure to compile the best ones in a separate article, but this one from Square Enix is attention-grabbing for the wrong reasons. In a New Year's open letter, Square Enix president Yosuke Matsuda expresses personal enthusiasm for blockchain tokens. ...

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