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Omega Force's Monster Hunter-Like Game, Wild Hearts, Launches In February 2023: In an intense match, the Lone Wolves came out victorious. Read all about the big night here // SPY×FAMILY's New Opening Melts Your Heart With Wholesomeness: In an intense match, the Lone Wolves came out victorious. Read all about the big night here // Steam Will No Longer Have Lunar New Year Sales, Only Four Seasons: In an intense match, the Lone Wolves came out victorious. Read all about the big night here
Narru The Forgotten Lands Is A Puzzle Game Where You Play As An Orb Of Light

Indie developer DreamStorm Studios has revealed its upcoming narrative-driven puzzler Narru The Forgotten Lands, is coming to PC (via Steam), PS5, and Xbox consoles. Use the power of light to resurrect an abandoned world and discover the mysteries of its past. Narru The Forgotten Lands is a story-driven puzzle game about bringing a dead world ba...

HuniePop 2 Is Out This Week; Features A Girl In A Hijab

Good news, puzzle and visual novel fans who love a bit of cartoon erotica. HuniePop has a sequel called HuniePop 2: Double Date, and it's coming out this week. Actually, it's out on 8th February US time (so anytime on 9th February). The sequel features a new exotic island location creatively called Inna De Poona, a 12 character cast featuring ol...

Tens Is Tetris With Maths That’s More Fun Than It Sounds

Platform: PC, Nintendo SwitchGenre: Puzzle, Strategy, Casual A lot of people hate maths, and that includes me. It stands to reason that someone who dislikes maths or anything involving the calculation would also hate sudoku, that puzzle game with the squares and numbers. With a description like combining "the tricky number puzzling...

Mr. Driller Drilland Proves That Age Has Not Spoiled A Timeless Classic

Platforms: PC, Nintendo Switch Genre: Puzzle  Mr. Driller back in the late 90s took the Dig Dug puzzler concept and evolved it to a logical route: what if the entire objective was to just drill downwards to the finish line without losing all your lives? And what if the only way to survive is to collect oxygen tanks to keep your supply running a...

Vitamin Connection Is A Sweet Co-Op Pill To Swallow

Platform: Nintendo Switch Genre: Co-op puzzler WayForward has figured out the old-school 2D neo retro-style game and aesthetic down to a science. With titles like the Shantae series and their take on the Double Dragon/Kunio-kun universe, there's nowhere to go but up for this developer. Though it does beg the question whether they can branch out of...

Team 17 Is Publishing This Malaysian Game

Team 17, the publisher of games like Worms, Overcooked, and Yooka-Laylee, will be handling publishing duties for Malaysian game Ageless. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hPqb973BHGE&feature=emb_title Set to launch on Steam and Switch, Ageless is a puzzle-platformer by One More Dream Studios where, as the title suggests, age plays a factor. You...

The Talos Principle Is Free On The Epic Games Store

We're at the final three days of the Epic Games Store Holiday Sale 2019. On each day of the sale, the store is giving away a free game and we've been getting some great titles. Today, we're getting one of those games people describe as "thought-provoking". The Talos Principle is free on the Epic Games Store just for today. Originally released in...

What The Golf? Makes You Appreciate The Insanity Of Indie Games, Not So Much Golf

Platforms: PC, iOS (via Apple Arcade) Genre: A golf game for people who hate golf. Couldn't have said it better ourselves... For a game with golf in the title, there is surprisingly little of it in What The Golf?. And that's what makes this indie game from Triband quite a remarkable 2019 treasure. What The Golf? only has one gameplay mechanic: pu...

One Of The Best PC Narrative Puzzle Games Comes To Console This October

If you're one of the lucky few who have never played Return of the Obra Dinn because you don't have a computer or laptop to play it on, then I've got great news for you. Return of the Obra Dinn will be launching for PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch on 18 October 2019. The game was initially released for Windows and macOS on 18 October 2018, exac...

New Shovel Knight Games Features 16-Bit Upgrade

Everyone who was into old-school games adored Shovel Knight. So it's only fitting that developer Yacht Club Games and Nitrome (Bomb Chicken, Green Ninja) team up for a spin-off called Shovel Knight Dig. But look: it's not 8-bit anymore. There are a lot more colours this time around! And instead of a Mega Man level select & layout, you now put ...

Did From Software’s VR Just Teased A Bloodborne Sequel?

The world could use more Victorian horror-esque action RPG goodness. That's what we got with 2014's Bloodborne courtesy of From Software; fans have been clamouring for a sequel since. Turns out that wish may come true if site Fextralife's discovery is of any indication. Recently, From Software released a PlayStation VR title Déraciné which f...

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