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Community Gets A Movie, 6 Seasons Later: In an intense match, the Lone Wolves came out victorious. Read all about the big night here // Goat Simulator 3 Is Coming To Fortnite: In an intense match, the Lone Wolves came out victorious. Read all about the big night here // The Callisto Protocol Stars Karen Fukuhara From The Boys: In an intense match, the Lone Wolves came out victorious. Read all about the big night here
Total War: Three Kingdoms Has The Biggest Launch On Steam In The Series

The art of war is strong with this iteration of Romance of the Three Kingdoms. Total War: Three Kingdoms has garnered a player count peak of 191,816 within 24 hours, which is the largest number for a game launch this year. For comparison's sake: Sekiro's player count peak was at 124,334, placing the tough-as-nails game in second place for Steam ...

Sonic Movie Delayed To 2020 After Backlash

Remember when Paramount and Sega were rushing to fix that Sonic the Hedgehog movie after it received an unholy amount of internet rage? They have finally taken that step and reworking Sonic's look. [caption id="attachment_25880" align="alignnone" width="992" alt="Sonic Surprised" height="553"] Why does it have human teeth? Why?[/caption] Jeff Fow...

7 Songs From The 90s That Should Replace “Gangsta’s Paradise” In That Sonic Live-Action Trailer

So what's worst than seeing Sonic The Hedgehog's 2019 live-action CGI incarnation, human teeth and all? Hearing how tonally mismatched the Coolio "Gangstas Paradise" song is when played on the film's debut trailer. Or Weird Al Yankovic's "Amish Paradise if you want to be candid about it. I half-expected Sonic to bust a cap on James Marsden halfway...

Paramount & Sega To Fix Live-Action Sonic After Internet Backlash

Guess you can proactively change things if you bitch loud enough. Following the uproar and negative reactions to the Sonic The Hedgehog live-action film, along with some masterful tweaks & suggestions from the online community... ...Paramount and Sega will be taking these outcries into consideration. Here's an official statement from dir...

Sega’s Future Plans To Focus On PC Ports & Existing IPs

While Sega aren't the juggernaut they were several decades ago in the heyday of the 80s and 90s, the games giant has remained relevant and doing particularly well by shifting focus to existing IPs and PC ports of those IPs in the past few years. In their fiscal year report (via ResetEra), they plan to focus on these same approaches in the near futu...

Here’s Our First Horrifying Look At Sonic The Hedgehog In Live Action

As foretold in the end times, a blue hedgehog movie will appear in the end of the year to corrupt the already-degenerating youth of 2019. That movie is called Sonic The Hedgehog, and its very first trailer debuts today. https://youtu.be/FvvZaBf9QQI The film stars James Marsden as a cop named Tom Wachowski who teams up with Sonic, voiced by Ben Sc...

Here’s More Sega Genesis Mini Games Confirmed

Sega has announced another slew of classic games to be confirmed on the Sega Genesis Mini retro console. Or Mega Drive Mini for us Asians. [caption id="attachment_23708" align="aligncenter" width="212"] One of the classic faves.[/caption] They have revealed another 10 out of the 40 games pre-installed on the console. The games will differ acco...

Sega’s Virtual On Mech Combat Games To Be Out After November

We're getting a possibly stellar Virtua On collection soon, right after the Twin Stick controllers are finished. Specifically, around this November, give or take. According to a Famitsu interview, Tanita’s Business Planning Department Representative Akiko Kubo mentioned that development of Twin Stick controller is around 30% at the momen...

Guess Which Awesome Legacy Composer Is Involved With The Mega Drive Mini?

Legendary music composer Yuzo Koshiro, who made his mark in the Ys series and in a ton of Sega Megadrive/Genesis games, will be involved with the Mega Drive Mini. He will be making brand-new music for the menu, which is fitting considering he's contributed a ton of aural masterpieces during the MegaDrive heydays. In keeping with the old-school the...

Sega Genesis Mini Gets A Launch Date And A Bunch Of Classic Games

Sega's classic console, the Sega Genesis, also known as the Mega Drive in certain regions, is getting a reboot in the form of the Sega Genesis Mini/Mega Drive Mini. Think of it as the PlayStation Classic, but in Sega flavour. The console will include a three-button controller as opposed to the six button controller in the Japanese Mega Drive...

After 14 Long Years, Sakura Wars Is Making A Comeback

The winds of war blow once more. Sega's RPG-slash-turn-based mecha combat-slash-dating sim video game hybrid Sakura Wars will be making a comeback after for so long. During Sega Fes this weekend in Japan, the company released a trailer of its next game dubbed Project Sakura Wars. And yes, the game's most memorable anthem is back when you go pas...

Our Favourite Ninjas In Video Game History

In honour of Sekiro's One-Armed Wolf, a shinobi/ninja with a grappling hook and the ability to resurrect when needed, let's talk about video games' plethora of silent killers, one-man powerhouses, and black/white-clad sword-wielding shuriken-chucking heroes: the video game ninja. Unlike the real-life variant, most video game ninjas attack their ...

Why Is Judgment, A PS4 Adventure Game From Sega, Being Pulled Out Of Shelves?

So this adventure game from Sega's Yakuza/Ryu Ga Gotoku team is doing alright in terms of reception and sales. It's called Judgment/Judge Eye, and it's about a guy who's solving a mystery and has to wander around Tokyo to get to the bottom of it. An English-language version is coming soon, but that may not be likely as the Japanese version of the g...

Here’s How Sonic The Hedgehog Really Looks Like In Live-Action

Love the face, not sure about the base. This is from the portfolio page of entertainment agency Hanagami/Carroll Inc via Kotaku (HCI link now defunct). They may be handling the marketing and promo for the upcoming Sonic The Hedgehog live-action movie this November. According to the spiel, he is "Chill & Likeable" while also being "Mis...

LTTP: Fist of the North Star – Lost Paradise

I've been at this games writing business for a lot of years. And as much as some people will tell you that they have time to play & finish all the games in 2018 like it's some badge of pride when covering games (it isn't), they're obviously lying. Or they don't take too much stock in their real lives and social obligations. But hey, you do you,...

Total War Three Kingdoms Delayed Yet Again

Sega and Creative Assembly have delayed Total War Three Kingdoms yet again. Its initial release date of 7 March 2019 has been pushed back several months later to 23 May 2019. The reason for this delay was explained in a new developer blog post yesterday. Total War Three Kingdoms is basically being delayed because it's more "complex" than past entr...

We Have Pressing Questions About The Live-Action Sonic The Hedgehog Teaser (Updated)

Update: we added an alleged leak of movie Sonic's face in full, all the way at the bottom of this post.  So IGN just released an exclusive "motion poster" of the live action Sonic The Hedgehog movie. And.... https://www.instagram.com/p/BrNSsfVHOTt/?utm_source=ig_embed&utm_campaign=embed_video_watch_again Where to begin? Why are...

What Are The All-Time Best-Selling Games Of The Late 90s?

Everybody likes best-seller lists, right? How about we take the way-back machine back to a decade or two and find out what sold well back in the day and what trended really well. I'm curious because US game industry analyst Mat Piscatella tweeted the top 10 best-selling games for the following video game consoles that were all the rage during the ...

Virtua-On Collection Announced To Mech Our Days

Someone in Sega must love you Virtua-On fans out there. According to Famitsu, the 3D robot mecha piloting 1v1 series will be out for PS4 via the PSN store. The three titles in the series - Cyber Troopers Virtual-On, Cyber Troopers Virtual-On: Oratorio Tangram M.S.B.S. Ver. 5.66, and Cyber Troopers: Virtual-On Force - will be compatible...

Sega Fans Are Getting Their Own HD Retro Console Next Year

Analogue, the makers of the Super Nt, has announced its latest project for Sega Megadrive fans like yours truly: the Mega Sg. This HD Sega-tailored console will be able to play every game from the Sega Genesis, Megadrive, and Master System. It will also be able to output video from these titles in 1080p with zero latency whatsoever. How soon can y...

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