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Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes Is Getting A Sequel: In an intense match, the Lone Wolves came out victorious. Read all about the big night here // Darkest Dungeon II Makes Way to PlayStation Consoles this July: In an intense match, the Lone Wolves came out victorious. Read all about the big night here // Netflix Confirm The Witcher Series For Fifth & Final Season: In an intense match, the Lone Wolves came out victorious. Read all about the big night here
[Report] Telltale Games Laid Off A Number Of Employees Last Month

The "new" creators of The Wolf Among Us 2 are facing some alleged trouble. Developers Telltale Games reportedly laid off a number of employees last month, according to cinematic artist Jonah Huang. Formerly from the old Telltale Games company, Jonah Huang was hired again by Telltale Games (the 2019 version) to allegedly work on The Wolf Among Us...

The Expanse A Telltale Series Episode One Launches This Summer

During the Future Games Show Spring Showcase 2023, Telltale Games and Deck Nine announced that The Expanse A Telltale Series will launch its first episode sometime in summer 2023 for the PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and PC via Epic Games Store. With six seasons of television and nine books to draw inspiration from, the developers will exp...

The Wolf Among Us 2: A Telltale Series Will Not Be Out In 2023

Telltale Games will be delaying its upcoming sequel to The Wolf Among Us, an adventure game based on the DC Vertigo Fables comic series. The Wolf Among Us 2: A Telltale Series will not be coming out in 2023; instead, the game will be out "when it's ready" according to the developers. According to a Gematsu report, the studio may be aiming for a ...

The Wolf Among Us 2 Teases Bigby’s Return In 2023

Geoff Keighley and Telltale Games have given us our first look at the upcoming The Wolf Among Us 2. According to the developers, the sequel will take place six months after the events of the original game. Bigby is now suspended as sheriff and protector of Fabletown. He also has to take part in anger management therapy while Snow White is now th...

The Wolf Among Us 2 First Trailer Will Debut In A Live Stream This Week

In a recent tweet by Geoff Keighley, he announced that he’ll be hosting a behind the scenes live stream for The Wolf Among Us 2: A Telltale Series on 10 February 2022. From his Twitter, Geoff Keighley, of Video Game Awards hosting fame, announced that he will be hosting a live stream for the game The Wolf Among Us 2: A Telltale Series, gi...

All Four Seasons Of Telltale’s The Walking Dead Are Back On Steam

When it comes to episodic story-heavy games, almost no one can do it as good as Telltale Games. Unfortunately, the studio closed down in 2018 due to lack of funding and their games were removed from Steam shortly afterwards. Thankfully, they're coming back. Publisher Skybound Games has announced that all four seasons of Telltale Games' The Walki...

Telltale Games Might Be Leaving Episodic Releases Behind

After being acquired and revived by LCG Entertainment, the newly-risen Telltale Games shocked the world when they announced their next new game at the recent The Game Awards 2019; The Wolf Among Us 2. However, little to no details were revealed, as development is probably still in the early stages. Now it looks like the new Telltale Games will be ...

Telltale Games Is Coming Back From The Dead Thanks To A Pair Of Unknowns

A year after the death of Telltale Games, the company is making a comeback. Its assets were purchased by a company called LCG Entertainment; the company plans to sell the previously-defunct company's back catalogue like The Wolf Among Us and Batman. LCG will also be working on new games based on a number of Telltale-associated properties and new l...

The Second Last Telltale Walking Dead Game Episode Teases A Familiar Face

Skybound Games has released a new trailer for the upcoming third episode of The Walking Dead The Final Season, which is going to be the first episode of the franchise not to be developed by Telltale Games. The Walking Dead The Final Season Episode 3, titled "Broken Toys," directly follows the aftermath of the events that transpired in Episode 2, "S...

Here Are All the Endings to Netflix’s Bandersnatch

By now you would have probably watched it, or at least heard of Netflix's latest Black Mirror episode, Bandersnatch. A one-of-a-kind, 'choose-your-own-adventure' episode made for television (or streaming devices), Bandersnatch is a groundbreaking approach to how traditional entertainment is consumed. But for us gamers, it isn't really a novelty sin...

The Walking Dead The Final Season Is Now an Epic Games Store Exclusive

Skybound Games has announced that Telltale's The Walking Dead The Final Season will now be an Epic Games Store exclusive, which means that it will no longer be available for purchase on Steam or other platforms. This only applies to the PC version, so players on the PS4 and Xbox One have nothing to worry about. Fortunately for existing PC owners of...

Telltale Games Studio Closure Saga: What Happens Next, & That Stranger Things Game

A while ago, Kakuchopurei reported the massive layoffs of Telltale Games and the company keeping 25 remaining staff members as a skeleton crew to finish up the company's outstanding projects. So what happens next? Turns out, a lot. Let's put it in bullet points because there's still hope for narrative-controlled gaming fans out there who want to s...

Bookend: TellTale Games Is Closing Down; The Wolf Among Us 2 & Stranger Things Game Cancelled

Oh man, this news is going to be hard to bear for fans of narrative/visual novel-style/adventure gaming, especially on a Saturday morning. TellTale Games, the folks behind the Walking Dead adventure games, the recent Monkey Island and Sam & Max games, and the very recent Batman adventure games, are facing a "majority studio closure". There wil...

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