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Disco Elysium Creators' Studio Has Dissolved: In an intense match, the Lone Wolves came out victorious. Read all about the big night here // Legacy Of Kain May Make A Comeback: In an intense match, the Lone Wolves came out victorious. Read all about the big night here // VA-11 HALL-A Best Bartender Girl Is Immortalized In Nendoroid Form: In an intense match, the Lone Wolves came out victorious. Read all about the big night here
Illidan and Black Temple Raid Returns in World of Warcraft Classic

Illidan Stormrage and the iconic Black Temple raid will be making their way into World of Warcraft Classic in their first update that begins Phase 3 of their Burning Crusades expansion. To start off Phase 3 of their Burning Crusades expansion, players will get a chance to battle Illidan Stormrage in the latest patch update. You’ll be able...

World Of Warcraft Burning Crusade Classic Pre-Expansion Patch Is Now Live

Blizzard has announced that the champions of Azeroth can begin preparing for their adventure to Outland with new features and content in the World Of Warcraft Burning Crusade Classic pre-expansion patch, which is now live. The pre-expansion patch introduces Burning Crusade Classic’s core systems, including the ability to create Blood Elf...

BlizzConline 2021: All The Opening Ceremony Announcements

BlizzCon 2021, or BlizzConline 2021 (as it's now called), has officially begun. The digital event's one-hour opening ceremony was chock full of announcements and reveals, including: Blizzard Arcade Collection Three of Blizzard Entertainment’s earliest games; The Lost Vikings, Blackthorne, and Rock N Roll Racing; are being re-releas...

Shadow Of Necropolis Is Now Live In World Of Warcraft Classic

Champions of the Horde and the Alliance, gather your strength (and frost resist gear) and prepare to take on the horrors that await within the floating necropolis of Naxxramas. The latest content update for World of Warcraft Classic, Shadow of the Necropolis, is now live. Heroes who have reached Honored status with the Argent Dawn will ...

World Of Warcraft Classic Breaks Twitch Launch-Day Viewership Record

World Of Warcraft Classic has defied expectations and turned out to be incredibly successful. Blizzard has announced that WoW Classic has broken the launch-day record for peak concurrent viewers on Twitch, exceeding more than a whopping 1.1 million unique viewers. According to the developer, the peak concurrent viewers for World Of Warcraft Classi...

Take A Troll Or Night Elf Selfie With The World Of Warcraft Classic AR Lenses

Blizzard finally launched World Of Warcraft Classic to much fanfare and anticipation several days ago. To celebrate the beloved MMORPG franchise's 15th anniversary, they are partnering with Snapchat to introduce WoW-themed AR lenses in the popular mobile app (via Mobile AR Reality News). Now available in the Snapchat carousel for Android and iOS u...

The Top 8 Things You Won’t Forget About World of Warcraft Classic

Blizzard has released World of Warcraft Classic onto the adoring public, giving both new and old players an opportunity to return to the good old days when the company could do no wrong. When WoW was the biggest thing on the planet that even made its way to pop culture like in an entire South Park episode or a How I Met Your Mother gag. For some, ...

World of Warcraft Game Director Responds To WoW Classic’s Massive Queues

World of Warcraft Classic just launched about two days ago and we're already seeing servers being overpopulated. So many people are playing that players actually have to queue in order to make sure that everyone gets a shot at completing quests and getting into dungeons. [caption id="attachment_34831" align="aligncenter" width="1920"] From Twitter...

You Can Now Reserve Your Character Names For World Of Warcraft Classic

World Of Warcraft Classic (Wow Classic) is coming out later this month, and players can already prepare for the upcoming game. Blizzard has announced that players can now pick their server and reserve their character names ahead of the game's release. However, this will be limited to players with an active subscription or game time on their Wor...

Blizzard To Celebrate 15th Franchise Anniversary With World of Warcraft Classic

Blizzard's iconic MMORPG World of Warcraft made its debut in 2004. Now the company will be celebrating the 15th anniversary of the franchise with World of Warcraft Classic, which will be releasing on 27 August 2019. With World of Warcraft Classic, players will be able to experience the game just like it originally was in the very beginning when it...

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