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Who knew you could launch a DMCA against your own game, eh?

In a recent turn of events, Malaysia developer Ammobox Studios, who created the nifty-looking FPS-RTS hybrid Eximius: Seize The Frontline, is seeking public crowdfunding help for an upcoming legal battle against TheGameWall Studios. They plan to use as its funding platform.

Here’s what happened:

  • Eximius was 8 years in the making; the game came out in September 2018 in Early Access form. It garnered mostly positive reviews on Steam.
  • The project fell victim to UK-based publisher TheGameWall Studios led by one Eduardo Monteiro. The company took all of the game’s revenue and potential earnings due to unfulfilled marketing work. They also cut off communications.
  • Furthermore, TheGameWall Studios has full control of the application rights in Steam and has locked out Ammobox Games out of the financial controls. This made Ammobox DMCA its own game a week before Christmas 2018.
  • From September 2018 onwards, Ammobox Games had to support the game out of their own pocket instead of publisher backing.
  • The natural course of action is to sue TheGameWall Studios. However, the company cannot afford the cost required for the upcoming legal battle. Hence, this campaign.

Right now they have a stretch goal of US$25,000; at this point in time, they have raised US$218. Do give these Malaysians a helping hand if possible; publishers like these should not get away with nonsense like this.

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