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It’s alive. ALIVE!!!!

The Steam Halloween Sale is back from the dead. Again. Reanimated, if you will. And that means spooky savings on horror-based and horror-themed games. The sale will last from now until 1st November 10am PT.

While you won’t find a ginormous amount of games with half-off or more, you’ll at least find some spooky-themed titles getting some decent price cuts. Here are our recommendations.

Little Nightmares (RM24.75)


The Tim Burton-esque 2D/3D platformer puzzler is on the cheap. If you missed out on it before, now’s the best time to find out how quirky and chilling this game is.

Observer (RM14)


A nice cyberpunk horror game set in a world where your fears can be hacked.

Vampyr (RM64.26)


A vampire game that doesn’t suck. Heh. This DONTNOD venture is a decent RPG action title that’s going at a pretty good price.

The Evil Within 2 (RM78.20)


We can’t have a horror game list without expected sequels, right? After all, that’s how the Nightmare On Elm Street and Friday the 13th franchises got their notoriety. Now at 67% off, this sequel from Tango Gameworks (ie the studio of Shinji Mikami) features more scares, more deathtraps, and more oddities.

Dead Space 2 (RM9.50)


The second game to EA’s best survival horror action franchise, made during EA’s potential redemption arc, is on sale.

Resident Evil 2 REmake (RM69.50)

Resident Evil 2 5

One of the best horror games of 2019, and a good indicator of Capcom’s ever-continuing redemption arc, is now 50% off. Find out why it’s the hot stuff here.

Onechanbara Z2: Chaos (RM26.25, 65% off)


We saved the “best” for last. Literally translated to “big sister swordfighting”, you control two pairs of weapon-brandishing vampires who have to kill hordes of zombies Devil May Cry-style. Also features questionable custom outfits of dubious nature and a TON of cheesecake factor.

Don’t judge.

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