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If you’ve been seeing videos and images of a goose harassing people, then you can thank Untitled Goose Game for bringing about the best late-2019 gaming phenomenon.

Initially released for the PC (on Epic Games Store) and Nintendo Switch on 20 September 2019, developer House House has stated that they hope to release the game on PlayStation and Xbox platforms before moving on to making a new game. This comes from their interview with ABC News.

This is probably due to Untitled Goose Game‘s unexpected success which has made it one of the best-selling Switch games in the United States since September 2019. House House founder Nico Disseldorp said that the game has exceeded 100,000 downloads.

There might also be Android and iOS versions of the game coming in the future. Responding to a tweet, one of the game’s publishers, Cabel Sasser, said that they’re still “chewing on” the idea of the game being playable on smartphones and tablets. In another tweet, Sasser also implied that the game will be coming to Steam in 2020.

PC users and Switch owners can get the game on the Epic Games Store and the Nintendo eShop respectively. In case you don’t know why everyone’s honking about this game, just check out the memes it has inspired:


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