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Princess Connect! Re: Dive Gameplay Guide & Character Tier List

Heyas! If you’re here, then odds are you’re joining the perpetually peckish Pecorine and her Gourmet Guild on an adventure into the world of Princess Connect! Re: Dive.

There’s delicious food to eat and a colourful cast of characters to meet. In terms of presentation, this game has a lot to offer. Between the detailed CGs, animated cutscenes, and fully voice-acted dialogue, we can’t blame you for wanting to dive into a mobile game that checks all the boxes for a cute and well-made game. You may have also come across the anime adaptation of the game, which was all about adventuring with friends and finding new dishes to sample.

For better or worse, Princess Connect! Re: Dive (or Priconne for short; the title is long in the tooth) prides itself as an accessible game, taking a mostly hands-free approach to gameplay and relying on its story presentation, lovable characters, and high production values to do the legwork. It’s an auto-battler through and through (albeit a cute one) where you set up chibi units in a team and have them fight.

You strengthen them by levelling them up and upgrading their equipment and then have them tackle even tougher content. Pretty straightforward stuff, right? Well, yes and no.

While all of the important stuff like story and events aren’t walled off to casual players that pay attention to their power levels, dedicated players might want to dig into specific units, team setups, and investment goals to pull through some of the game’s tougher content in a reasonable amount of time.

But don’t fret; that’s where we come in.

Gameplay Breakdown

Before we get into the nitty-gritty, here’s the lowdown on how Priconne’s combat works. Before any fight begins, you start off by setting up a team of five characters. Your characters each come with different positional types, consisting of either a front row, middle row, or back row.

These rows essentially dictate how a unit is arranged in the party, and by extension who certain enemies will target first. For example, the unit on the rightmost side of the party (usually a front-row type) will often take the brunt of incoming damage, so it’s essential that this unit has high HP and defense to keep damage received away from the rest of the party (which are either middle row or back row units).

Occasionally, an enemy might target someone in the middle or back row regardless. You can overcome these situations by either getting stronger or by trying out different character abilities.

Once you’ve formed your team, it’s time to send them into the fray, so sit back, relax, and enjoy watching these units fight for you. They’ll attack as well as activate their abilities automatically, of which there are varied effects. These abilities can come in the form of healing, offensive debuffs, and more.

As your units fight, they’ll also build their TP gauge. Once filled, characters gain access to an ultimate skill called a Union Burst. Union Bursts are the only gameplay element you have control of in the heat of battle. Simply tap the glowing portrait of a character and you’ll see a fancy anime cut-in followed by the skill itself. If you’re having trouble clearing a particular fight on auto, perhaps well-timed Union Bursts will make all the difference.

For the most part however, Priconne is a game that’s more focused on the prep rather than the actual battles. Keep in mind of team compositions and try to construct ones that offer the most synergy. Even so, if a fight still seems impossible, then it might simply be a matter of getting stronger, which is the next subject that we’ll get into.

How To Level Up And Get Stronger

Raise your level caps

If you’ve been around the block with gacha games, you’re probably no stranger to Player Levels. Beyond a few minor things, Player Levels by and large function to show how experienced you are with the game. You play the game more, you gain experience and your level goes higher. In a way, it’s a cool veteran’s badge to show off to your friends.

The same is true for Priconne’s Player Levels, except there is an interesting twist. Quite crucially, every character’s max level is directly tied to your own Player Level. This means that to some extent, your characters can only get stronger relative to how much time you invest into the game. It isn’t too much of a hassle though, as overcoming this hurdle is as simple as clearing quests and doing your dailies (which are fairly easy here compared to most other gacha games).

Speaking of dailies, please do them. It may seem like a small thing, but aside from Jewels for rolling on the gacha, daily quests also give you a small chunk of Player EXP. They say Rome wasn’t built in a day, so if you’re out to succeed in all that Priconne has to offer, you’d better be diligent with these sooner rather than later.

Find new equipment and refine old ones

While your Player Level exists as a long-term method of getting stronger, this isn’t to say it’s the only solution you have. When push comes to shove, you can opt to grind for equipment to strengthen your units. Each character will ask you for specific equipment pieces, obtainable as drops from certain Main Quests. But you’ll probably notice that there are a lot of quests that drop the same equipment, and some with worse drop rates than others. The game does not make this clear, but a general rule of thumb to follow is to make sure your desired equipment appears on leftmost of the item list in the quest preview. The further to the left it is, the higher its drop rate.

Equipment can also be refined for extra stat boosts. If you need more attack, HP, TP, etc, refining your equipment is a valid option. Keep in mind however that the stats that get boosted are the same as the equipment piece you’re refining, and the amount will be roughly double the original stats. Also, since refining is a costly endeavor, you should only do so if you truly think you are stuck on a particular quest. Your investment in these refines will disappear completely should you decide to rank up.

About Rank Up

Whenever you collect the complete list of equipment at any given rank, you’re given the choice of ranking up your character. Ranking up consumes all of your existing equipment and then permanently upgrades the stats of your character (all equipment refines are lost in the process). After that, the game will provide you with a new list of equipment to grind, which generally involves clearing higher level Main Quests. It’s important to maintain a balance between knowing whether you ought to grind for new equipment or whether to refine existing ones, so that you don’t waste unnecessary resources for when it’s finally time to rank up. How crazy is that?

Memory Shards Rule All

Now we’re getting to the fun part. You might have noticed that despite appearing to have a layout for five-star characters, Priconne does not actually offer anything beyond a three-star rarity character through its gacha. In truth, any character you own can become a five-star character. However, for a character to reach their full potential, you will actually have to ascend them, and to ascend them you’ll need Memory Shards.

Memory Shards are ascension materials that appear as cube-shaped items with a character’s portrait on them. You can grind for these items from Hard Mode quests, purchase them from the shop, or earn them through events.

Each character’s Memory Shard is unique to only some of these sources, so depending on the character, their materials are either painlessly easy or excruciatingly slow to collect. For instance, Kokkoro gets two Memory Shard nodes very early on in Hard Mode, at quests 1-1 and 4-1 respectively, making her one of the easier characters to ascend. Meanwhile, Makoto’s Memory Shards are only obtainable from the Clan Battle shop, making her an extremely difficult unit to ascend by comparison. Ascending characters can take weeks or even months to pull off, so make sure you’re well aware of the best characters to invest in for the long haul (we’ll cover this for you in a bit).

Priconne’s PvP-oriented Arena modes, Clan Battle, and Dungeons will give out currency that you can use to purchase Memory Shards at the shop, so pay extra attention to these modes and try to engage with them if you can.

Next, Divine Amulets are given out to you whenever you receive a character you already own from the gacha. With Divine Amulets, you can obtain Memory Shards for any character of your choice, so long as you already own them. This is a great way of bypassing some of the harder-to-grind Memory Shards, such as those in the Clan Battle shop. Alternatively, you can also save these for limited-time units, as Memory Shards for such characters will not be so easily available.

Before we move on, keep in mind that you can also use Memory Shards to unlock characters. With enough Memory Shards, you can have just about any permanent character you want, with the catch only being the time you dedicate to it.

The Top Tier Characters in Princess Connect! Re: Dive

Whether you consider this a good or bad thing, the global version of Princess Connect! Re:Dive is roughly three years behind the release of its original Japanese counterpart. Interestingly, this puts international players in a unique position to accurately predict who the best characters are and how to tackle future content.

We’ll only go through the characters from the launch roster of Priconne, but we’ve handpicked the ones that are guaranteed to give you an easy time for a good chunk of the game.

Best 1-Star Characters


The poster girl of the game. If you don’t have a second tank, you’re pretty much stuck with her. Sustains herself with self-healing and physical/magic defense buffs. A decent tank that gets the job done in any situation. Starts seeing potential in later updates after she receives upgrade paths towards becoming a literal wall. Memory Shards are easily farmable from Hard Mode quests. Best used in any content (unless you have a better tank).


The very first character that joins you. Has exceptional utility due being able to buff the party’s speed. Not a tank but can withstand a decent amount of damage thanks to her self-heal. Memory Shards are available from early Hard Mode quests, making her easy to ascend. Best used in Main Quests and Clan Battle.


Like Kokkoro, a free unit you receive after beating the tutorial. Valued for her party-wide heals. Though her healing potency isn’t much in the beginning, it reaches significant numbers as she gets stronger (around Rank 7). She also inflicts attack down debuffs and casts physical defense up buffs, cementing her as a solid defensive support. Memory Shards are easily farmable from Hard Mode quests. Best used in Main Quests.


One of the key support characters in the game. Occasionally recovers the HP of an ally with the lowest health. Her Union Burst protects allies against magic attacks with a damage-nullifying barrier. She’s a versatile unit that can solve a lot of problems with her barrier and targeted healing, keeping her relevant even late into the game’s lifespan. Memory Shards are purchasable from the Dungeon shop. Best used in any content.

Best 2-Star Characters


Everyone’s favourite pudding ghost. An incredible physical tank with great self-recovery and periodic invincibility. She’s great for most PvE content but may suffer at times in PvP modes due to being generally weak against magic. Memory Shards are purchasable from the Princess Arena shop. Best used in Main Quests and PvP.


A decent physical attacker that gets more powerful as time passes. Shiori relies on stackable attack buffs, so the longer she’s around in a fight, the better odds you have of winning. Also, seeing as she’s a back row unit, keeping Shiori alive to achieve her potential damage is easiest as can be. Memory Shards are farmable from Hard Mode quests. Best used in Clan Battle and Main Quests.


A powerful magic tank capable of self-healing and taunting enemies. Makes for a decent pick against magic-based PvP teams, but might not see much action in the physical-focused environment of PvE encounters. She’s a niche unit but nonetheless crucial whenever a powerful magic opponent decides to show up.


Tamaki is a situational unit that excels at hunting down enemies with the highest magic attack. While not particularly incredible in Main Quests, her kit is great for shredding high profile targets in PvP, as dangerous magic units are often protected behind multiple beefy characters. Memory Shards are purchasable from the Arena shop. Best used in PvP and Clan Battle.


If you have some units built around inflicting physical def down, Suzuna is a great pick. She can hit big damage numbers by landing her Union Burst on enemies under the debuff. Due to having to manually time her attack with the debuff, however, her performance level may depend on how willing you are to eyeball the progress of fights. Memory Shards are purchasable from the Princess Arena shop. Best used in Clan Battle and Main Quests.


With an AoE physical def down and Curse abilities on hand, Mitsuki can weaken enemies to enable powerful AoE physical attacks. That being said, she’s also capable of dealing her own AoE damage if no one else can. Memory Shards are purchasable from the Dungeon shop. Best used in PvP and Clan Battle.


A powerful physical unit that pairs well with physical defense debuffers such as Makoto. She buffs her own physical attack and punches things to death. Sometimes simplicity is the best policy. Memory Shards are purchasable from the Princess Arena shop. Best used in Clan Battle and Main Quests.

Best 3-Star Characters


The best 3-star tank you can get. Nozomi has access to decent crowd control in the form of her taunt and stun. Like most good tanks, she’s difficult to kill and does a good job of making sure her allies don’t die either. Her Memory Shards are easy to obtain, so farming to unlock her is a viable option if you can’t get her from the gacha. Memory Shards are purchasable from the Dungeon shop. Best used in any content.


Monika excels as an offensive support by providing allies with large boosts to physical and magic attack, as well as attack speed. The catch, however, is that she can only cast these buffs once per enemy wave, and her own damage is too low to make up for those buffs disappearing. Her AoE damage Union Burst is her one saving grace should those buffs end.

Hence, Monika is the ideal character for fights that only last a short while, such as those in the Arena. Memory Shards are purchasable from the Arena shop. Best used in PvP.


Rino’s middling single-target damage is easily forgiven thanks to her Union Burst. It’s a reliable wide-hitting AoE that lands on enemies multiple times. Due to her ability to buff her own attack and critical rate, her Union Burst becomes one of the more painful AoE attacks in the game. Memory Shards are purchasable from the Arena shop. Best used in PvP and Main Quests.


If Yukari is focused on magic protection, then Maho is the physical equivalent. Besides a Union Burst that provides magic attack and physical defense, she inflicts Blind on enemies, causing physical attacks to miss more frequently. Her single-target heal prioritizes an ally with the lowest health and gives them a small bit of regen in the process. A great healer to look into for Main Quests due to the abundance of physical enemies there. Memory Shards are purchasable from the Dungeon shop. Best used in PvP and Main Quests.


Hatsune’s entire schtick revolves around sniping down the highest physical attacker. Her high magic attack and stun ability make her not only a great killer of physical units, but also a decent support. Despite her low durability, her position in the back row offers her good protection, allowing her to stick around for longer than her enemies would like her to. Memory Shards purchasable from the Princess Arena shop. Best used in PvP and Main Quests.


Debuff extraordinaire. Because of her multiple physical debuff abilities, Makoto is arguably a must-have if you want to make the top ranks in Clan Battle. While she isn’t amazing in regular content such as Main Quests, her kit is still great against bosses, of which you’ll encounter a fair number throughout your adventure. Since her Memory Shards are difficult to farm, Makoto is the number one character you should reroll for (reinstalling the game for free gacha rolls until you find her in your ideal character lineup). Memory Shards are purchasable from the Clan Battle shop. Best used in Clan Battle.


Saren’s Memory Shards are by far the easiest for newcomers to farm among the 3-star units. For their troubles, they’ll find that she’s capable of charging the TP of her nearest ally, allowing them to use their Union Burst more often. Besides that, she functions as a middle row bruiser who deals AoE physical damage and gets more powerful as her HP falls. If you’re just starting the game, Saren is one of the strongest units to focus on due to her easy availability. Memory Shards are easily farmable from Hard Mode quests. Best used in PvP and Clan Battle.

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