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The first-ever hotfix for Gearbox’s new looter shooter action RPG Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands is out right now. And Graveborn users will be celebrating pretty soon.

The latest fix will buff Dark Magic scaling on weapons, update Legendary Spells to change color to their respective element when viewed in Item Inspection, and also update Chaos Bunnies and Chests in Chaos Chambers. Granted, I do wish Gearbox can fix certain user interface issues in the game and a few of the other glitches (as well as some issues regarding cloud saving that wipes progress), but one step at a time, I suppose.

The Dark Magic scaling means that the current Frost damage meta might take a backseat in favour of powered-up life leeching and people speccing Graveborn for some of their characters. Time will tell if there will be builds focused on multiclassing the Dark Magic-focused class. Here are the full hotfix notes:

  • Dark Magic scaling on Weapons has been improved to match other elemental weapons
  • Legendary Spells have been updated to change color to their respective element in when viewed in Item Inspection
  • Legendary Spells have been updated to use the icon that matches their casting style when viewed in Item Inspection
  • Chaos Bunnies and Chests have been updated to include Chaos Chamber-specific loot

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