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Remember those pirate-themed hero skins – Roadhog’s Mako and Ana’s Corsair ? Well guess what – we may be getting another pirate-themed hero skin in the upcoming Overwatch Anniversary event as a leak suggests that Junkrat will receive a skin most befitting to his pegleg.

First released by Youtube Channel Sepjir , the short video (we believe was in Spanish) featured the never-before seen skin dancing to Junkrat’s ‘Running Rat’ dance emote.

It also revealed in that short video was that the Overwatch Anniversary Event is set to drop this 22nd of May which means all the dance emotes first made available last year will again be obtainable via limited-time lootbox drops. Publisher. Coffee addict. Likes: Football, dogs, cats, Dislikes: Hanzo mains, one-tricks,
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