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Get Equipped: Mega Man 11 Out For Major Consoles October 2

Hey there, everyone who got burned by Mighty No. 9: Capcom has some good news for you. The 11th mothership Mega Man game will be out on October 2 for the Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

Check out the trailer below featuring the aforementioned release date and new features.

Here’s what we gathered from the trailer:

  • Mega Man’s charged buster, slide, and Rush Assists (Rush Coil, Rush Jet) are back.
  • Eddie, Beat, and Auto are back, and they have the same functions as past games. To recap, Eddie gives you random items at stage intervals, Beat rescues you once when you fall into a pit, and Auto sells you stuff in exchange for bolts.
  • There’s a new mode called the Double Gear system. Mega Man can now slow down the flow of time and overcharge your buster shots, but at the cost of Mega Man’s systems being weakened temporarily after the gears are overclocked.
  • The new Robot Masters who are revealed so far are Fuse Man (electric-based), and Block Man (rock-based). Just like Mega Man, these Robot Masters have access to special Gears. Fuse Man can go lighting fast with the Speed Gear, while Block Man can become a giant golem using the Power Gear. Lame names, awesome gimmicks.

Check out the screenshots and the Nintendo Switch box art below.



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