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Want to find out which country in the world has the highest video game revenue this year? Look no further than this latest Newzoo chart. If you want to see how each Southeast Asian country fare, keep scrolling all the way to no. 17.


Here are our takeaways:

  • Indonesia is placed at 17 with US$1,130 million in game revenue and a population of 267 million people. Currently, it’s the top Southeast Asian country with the highest video gaming revenue this year.
  • This is followed by Thailand with US$692 million and 69 million people.
  • Malaysia is in third place with a total of US$654 million and a population of 32 million people.
  • Vietnam is at US$490 million with a population of 96 million.
  • The Philippines is at US$478 million with 107 million people.
  • Singapore is at US$330 million with a population of 6 million. To be fair, Singapore is a tiny little dot of a country when compared with the other SEA nations.
  • Unsurprisingly, China is at the top with US$37,945 million with a population of 1,415 million.

But these numbers alone don’t tell the whole story. Basing on SEA countries’ internet population and calculating it against the total amount spent on games, the tables flip with your average Indonesian only spending about US$13.2 on their games per year. This puts them fourth in of the amount spent per gamer when compared to other SEA countries.

Here is a ranking of SEA countries based on the amount spent on game/ person:

  1. Singapore: US$66
  2. Malaysia: US$24.2
  3. Thailand: US$18.21
  4. Indonesia: US$13.2
  5. Vietnam: US$9.4
  6. Philippines: US$7.24

Hopefully, such data would be helpful in assisting game publishers in deciding which country to focus on when it comes to pushing their titles. While Singapore does indeed lead the tables here, the potential reach (6m population, 5m internet users) pales in comparison when it comes to the potential in countries such as the Philippines (107m population, 66m internet users) and Indonesia (267m population, 82m internet users). Malaysia (32m) sits comfortably here, with a healthy revenue in games coupled with high internet penetration (27m).

The economy also comes into play with Singaporeans enjoying a stronger purchasing power thanks to their stronger economy and solid currency compared to other SEA countries.

What Does This All Mean?

The numbers above may also somewhat reflect the gaming tendencies in these countries with Singaporeans, Malaysians and Thais gravitating towards console and PC while in Indonesia and the Philippines, mobile games like Mobile Legends and Clash Royale help cement those numbers and make people spend money on games thanks to the lucrative free-to-play model.

At the same time, PC games like Dota 2 and League of Legends do help contribute to these gaming revenue numbers with the same payment model. The Steam Sale discounts do help too. We highly doubt that console games on the PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch contributed much in the aforementioned Southeast Asian regions.

Congrats on being in the top 100, Asia!


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