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Here Are The Top 20 PC Games On Steam With Achievements; Guess What’s Number 1?

Valve’s Steam platform had a recent leak, and some people took advantage of it to give the public exact player count figures for games. Did you know that Fez has 1.2 million players?

According to a leak and due diligence from Ars Technica, a number of folks found a hole in Valve’s API which allowed observers to gather precise and publicly available data for the total number of players for thousands of Steam games. It’s already been patched up, but sites like Ars Technica gathered the numbers as of 1 July.

I’m just going to narrow it down to the top 20 games because people love top X and top Y lists; it’s been proven in internet history time and again. Here’s what you need to know regarding the exact figures.

  • These numbers are only for games with listed developer-defined Achievements, which means that the list only covers 13,000 of the 23,000+ games on the platform. That’s why there’s no Dota 2 on this list.
  • The new data does not give any indication of how many people own the game without having played it.
  • You can use these numbers to gauge a specific game’s popularity, whether it’s for competitive research or for your school thesis. These numbers are pretty accurate. Withthat said, here’s #20-#11…

#20. War Thunder – 9,536,732 players

#19. Portal – 9,971,481 players

#18. Rocket League – 10,110,342 players

#17. Robocraft -10,145,493 players

#16. Borderlands 2 – 11,218,936 players

#15. GTA V – 12,604,123 players

#14. Civilization V – 12,701,498 players

#13. Portal 2 – 13,062,700 players

#12.Terraria – 13,132,545 players

#11. The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim – 13,235,488 players

…and now, the top 10!

#10. Paladins – 14,371,946 players


#9. Counter-Strike: Source – 15,001,876 players


#8. Warframe – 16,332,217 players


#7.Garry’s Mod – 18,576,379 players


#6. Payday 2 – 18,643,807 players


#5. Left 4 Dead 2 – 23,143,723 players


#4.Unturned – 27,381,399 players


#3. PUBG – 35,604,132 players


#2. CS:GO – 46,305,966 players


#1. Team Fortress 2 – 50,191,347 players

Check out the full list on this here CSV file.

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