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All good things have to end, unless you’re called Naruto and Dragon Ball in which case a revamp or series continuation is inevitable. Gin Tama, a manga/anime about a freelancing samurai during an Edo period conquered by aliens -I really should read this manga sometime- is going to end.

According to Shonen Jump (via Nlab), the final chapter of the manga will be published on the 15th September edition of Shonen Weekly Jump. Truly it’s a sad day for many Gin Tama fans out there.

Creator Hideaki Sorachi had this to say concerning Gin Tama as a whole:

Up until now, it’s been a constant cycle of ‘it’s gonna end’ over and over up until now, hasn’t it? It’s been like this for about three years, but no worries. I’m positive it will end this year — soon. Even if my arm gets modified into a psycho gun, it will end this year.

Gin Tama is quite a big deal in Japan, with 50 million copies printed since 2004. The reason? It balances humour, drama, and action while still taking shots at popular shonen titles like the GIFs below.



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