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Street Fighter V’s eventual fourth season is coming. But did you know that there’s allegedly going to be another huge 2019 update called Super Street Fighter V? So much for innovative naming schemes, eh Capcom?

In any case, prominent leaker X-Kira (via Eventhubs) did the usual datamining and found out that the update is slated for December 2019. Here’s what we gathered:

  • Since Street Fighter V: Type Arcade is already out in Japan arcades, this proves that other versions of the game will be in development. Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition will be replaced.
  • Super Street Fighter V will be the final version of SFV.
  • There will be a Season 5 in addition to the upcoming Season 4. This means more new characters; hopefully Rose and Sodom make the cut.


Previously, X-Kira revealed the Resident Evil Street Fighter V outfits way before Capcom’s official announcement. X-Kira also predicted the slew of extra modes like Extra Battle, Dojo Mode, and the Arcade Edition’s Gallery way before SFV: Arcade Edition came out.

Do take this with a grain of salt since this isn’t official yet; this means that it’ll be a long while until we stop playing SFV.

What We Want From The New Street Fighter Seasons


A New Story Mode

Let’s see more pre-Street Fighter III story bits crop up post-Street Fighter V’s story. With M.Bison gone, some other bad guy needs to fill the void. Maybe Necalli can make a return again? Perhaps the new characters Ed, Falke, Menat, and G can clash and/or team up against another new Shadaloo-esque menace? The Illuminati still has Gill, right?

New Critical Arts

The Street Fighter III choose-your-Arts should make a comeback. Street Fighter V already has second V-Trigger options; it makes sense to have second Critical Arts options to play around with. Note to devs: if you plan on bringing back Critical Arts that are super-counters, make sure they’re in the veins of an SNK game where it isn’t telegraphed too obvious (ala Cammy and Fei Long’s second Ultra in SFIV).

Punishing V-Reversals

Some character’s V-Reversals are just extended and fancier dodges. These need to be buffed a bit more since SFV right now is a haven for rushdown characters like Cammy. What SFIV did well within its many iterations was to balance both aggressive and defensive playstyles. You’d think Capcom would have had this down to a science since they were knee-deep in fighting games since the 90s.

A Better Ryu

Ryu got the shaft in this Street Fighter. Make him above-average again; make DPs great again.

New Characters We Want

2 new seasons equal 12 new fighters in the roster. Which probably equates to 4 new characters and 8 legacy characters. We’re calling it early: Sodom/Katana, Rose, Sean, Gill, Maki (from Final Fight 2/CvS2), Rolento, Hugo, and C.Viper. 


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