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As touted on its reveal trailer, the upcoming loot-and-shoot action RPG Borderlands 3 will have 45 bajillion guns (or more), which includes guns that cut down enemies while insulting their pride, guns that fire volcanoes, and guns that deal radiation damage. Said guns will be noisy, and according to Gearbox Software senior sound designer Joshua Davidson, it’ll pack in more sounds than Borderlands 2.

How many .wav files are we talking about? Try 7,500, with more on the way. For comparison’s sake, Borderlands 2 had 300 individual sounds.

Will this help Borderlands 3 feel more unique in terms of gunplay? I hope so. As fun as every other online shooter like Warframe and The Division 2 is, the Borderlands series exhibit that je ne sais quoi that its “successors” lack. Namely over-the-top weaponry that doesn’t give flying hoots about logic and (certain grounds of) reality.

Find out more about Borderlands 3 from our past coverage; game’s out 13 September.

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