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If you’ve played a lot of beat-em-ups back in the day, anything with the word “River City” in the front means you’re playing a classic left-to-right side-scrolling pugilistic affair. You’ll also know that it’s the Western version of the Kunio-kun games, now under the publishing umbrella of Arc System Works alongside Double Dragon.

According to a recent Australian Classification Board rating update, WayForward will be making a game called River City Girls. This may be a beat-em-up with levelling-up mechanics ala River City Ransom, but with an all-female cast. Arc System Works is not listed as a publisher in the listing, so this may be a licensed title and not an official Kunio-kun follow-up.

It’s rated PG for “mild themes, violence and coarse language”, in case you need to know. As mild as suggestive cartoon mid-riffs and female figures can get. WayForward’s renowned for this unique style of artwork, as evident with their “cuci mata” character designs below. Not that there’s anything wrong with it.









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