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Bad news for you pirate gaming fans out there: Ubisoft Singapore’s Skull & Bones will be delayed according to the company’s recent fiscal year 2019 earnings report. And it won’t be at E3 2019. The game’s new release date has yet to be announced.

On the upside, Ubisoft will have three more unannounced triple-A titles for its next fiscal year. Gee, I wonder if one of them has anything to do with hacking and a trip down to London?

Also, these stats paint a pretty picture for the French game-making company:

  • The Division 2 gets outstanding reception, 10 times more UPlay sales, and the highest record for engagement per player and season pass.
  • Rainbow Six: Siege has more than 1 billion Euros worth of cumulated revenue and 45 million players at this point in time.
  • Far Cry 5 is Ubisoft’s best-selling game on current gen.
  • Ubisoft is making bank with its mobile game fares like Hungry Shark World and Assassin’s Creed Rebellion. They’re making 153 million euros and are contributing 8 percent of the company’s total revenue.

Should Ubisoft sea-faring players be worried? No, they shouldn’t: delays mean that the games in question need a tad more polishing and a bit more QA work, as well as a better release window as to not be cannibalized by possible Ubisoft juggernauts like oh say a Watch Dogs 3.

Plus, no one wants to be saddled up with a broken game, right? Or at least one with huge Day One patches to fix last-minute stuff like a certain EA game featuring Iron Man armour. 

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