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So much for that Spring 2019 release date, eh Metronomik?

The Malaysian-made upcoming action game with rhythm beats No Straight Roads will be delayed to early 2020. On the plus side, the devs will be partnering with publisher Sold Out, and will also get physical versions for sale for only US$39.99. Oh, and it’ll be for PC and PS4.

Here’s the official statement from CEO Wan Hazmer.

“Partnering with Sold Out has given us the opportunity to turn the volume up to 11 on No Straight Roads, and we’re thrilled to also release a physical edition. Pushing the game to early 2020 wasn’t an easy decision, but the extra time will let us fully deliver on our vision for No Straight Roads while sticking to our studio’s core values of providing a friendly, healthy workplace.

We’re so proud of everyone on the team for what they’ve achieved so far, and we can’t wait to bring Vinyl City to life…!”

Sold Out CEO Garry Williams added that the game “struck a chord” with the publisher, is unique, and brings back memories of games like “Jet Set Radio while delivering something new and innovative”.

At the very least, the devs are hard at work to make sure No Straight Roads will do our country proud. While you wait for early 2020, why not placate yourself with that awesome story trailer Metronomik did a while back? Or even some of our vids detailing Wan Hazmer and the company?


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