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Back in the late 80s and 90s, the 2D shoot-em-up R-Type was known for its methodical approach to action. When other games were fast, R-Type was slow yet tense with its enemy swarms and level layout.

Developer Granzella decides to tap into that nostalgic well, but with a Kickstarter project to see if fans wanted another R-Type game after the one on PS2 called R-Type Final. And it seems that the demand for the creatively-named R-Type Final 2 is brimming; the project has been fully funded less than two days after its crowdfunding launch. At this point in time the project is now at 45 million yen and has 6 days left.

This sequel will feature more customization, new levels and enemies that retain the unique tug-of-war element and level design the series is known for, and a plethora of difficulty levels for old and new fans. The 16:9 ratio also helps.

You’ll also get to play as these fighter ships and their respective Force and Wave Cannons.


Here are the game’s stretch goals, ranging from unified cross-region and cross-platform leaderboards to the production of all 102 R-craft fighters. Yes, there’s a lot of them accumulated throughout the series’ run.


There’s no release date for the game yet, but backer pledge gifts will be shipped by December 2020. Score one for the incredibly niche fanbase of R-Type with their love for sleek space fighter jets to weird-as-heck alien boss designs.

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