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The official pricing for the Nintendo Switch Lite in Malaysia has finally been confirmed. Local gaming store Impulse Gaming has revealed (via our friends at Aksiz) that the Nintendo Switch Lite will be available for purchase starting from 20 September 2019 at the questionable price of RM949.

The pricing is set by Maxsoft, who has been known to balloon prices for the hybrid consoles in Malaysia and Singapore (previously for the ‘enhanced’ Nintendo Switch model), seeing as they’re exclusively the only regional Southeast Asian distributor authorised by Nintendo.

In comparison, Impulse Gaming is currently selling both the normal and enhanced Nintendo Switch models for the price of RM1299. That’s only about RM350 more expensive than the Nintendo Switch Lite.

That’s not even mentioning the fact that the Nintendo Switch Lite will be sold for only US$199.99 in the US, which roughly translates to just RM800+.

The Big Question

Why would someone buy the Nintendo Switch Lite for RM949 when you could get the full complete and superior package for just a few hundred ringgit more? This is especially so when considering that the drawbacks of the Nintendo Switch Lite, such as undetachable Joy-Cons and the inability to go into docked mode.

Nintendo Switch Lite Malaysia

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