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So we enjoyed the heck out of Control. I certainly did if Borderlands 3 wasn’t in the way. For some PC gamers who aren’t keen on playing the game via Epic Games, they’re kinda missing out. Still, we do wonder the main reason why creator Remedy wants to side with Epic and its exclusivity deal.

Now we know, and it involves quite a hefty sum of money. A financial report via said that Remedy and publisher 505 Games received a deal of US$10.49 million (9.49 euros) for just bringing the game onto Epic Games Store exclusively. 505 Games took 45% of that total and Remedy took 55%.

Furthermore, this deal is part of a larger exchange between the publisher and Epic that also secures the upcoming sci-fi game Journey to the Savage Planet as yet another exclusive.

That payment to Remedy? It’s an advance on future sales revenue, meaning that this ensures they’re making a lump sum right away instead of waiting for the money to dribble in as copies are sold online. It’s definitely more appealing; companies like Supergiant Games (Hades) and indie devs like Gumberland (Ooblets) seem to enjoy this benefit.

The fact that these numbers are public puts things in perspective. Fortnite money is big money.

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