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The hype train for the 2019 Overwatch World Cup (OWWC) is still rolling. However, Blizzard’s recent announcement of the official team jerseys leaves a lot to be desired.

Just take a look at Malaysia’s design:

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To be quite frank, it’s just a tri-coloured t-shirt with “MYS” and Coca-Cola’s logo on it. Okay, there are those faded lines too, but they don’t really add anything.

The fact that this costs US$60 (roughly RM250) is outrageous. I’m no expert at graphic design myself but this is something you’d expect school kids to come up with for an art assignment, not a world-class tournament with high production values and top-tier competitors.

It gets even worse when you realise that a lot of the jerseys look exactly the same, with just the country initials being the only difference. Team Austria took a jab at the designs when they noticed they couldn’t separate themselves from at least seven other teams.

Of course, I also have to mention those women’s high-waisted leggings. Aside from not being an expert in graphic design, I am also not an expert on women’s fashion.

But my goodness, are those white thong-lines really necessary?

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I mean everything else already looks fine but why are those lines there?

One good product out of everything I’ve seen on Into The AM’s catalogue is the hoodie. The light blue main colour, the white minimal placements of the OWWC logo, and Overwatch-themed decals on one sleeve give it a very sleek and comfy look. Seeing as it costs just as much, I would rather get this.


In case you’re looking for an alternative to the OWWC Malaysian jersey presented by Into The AM, you can check out the alt jersey prepared by Team Malaysia themselves. Details on how to order the alt jersey are here.

Malaysia OWWC Jersey

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