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Christmas is coming to the post-apocalyptic USA of Ubisoft’s The Division 2 in the upcoming 6.1 holiday-themed title update. It is slated to arrive during the maintenance window 12.30-3.30AM PST on 10 December 2019, or 4.30-7.30PM GMT+8 on 11 December 2019 for Southeast Asian countries.

The Division 2’s holiday event also begins on 10 December 2019, in which players can look forward to a new permadeath Hardcore mode in title update 6.1, although the developer states that it’s not yet complete.

On the new Hardcore mode, they said:

More work is still needed on Hardcore Mode, but the developers are releasing it in beta because they feel that it’s already a fun addition to the game, and adds something new for players to experience.

Some things haven’t yet been implemented as fully envisioned by the developers, and there are planned features that haven’t yet been added.

To make the game even more festive, The Division 2 will get a new holiday-themed makeover for the login screen, while players can grab a holiday care package that includes a festive Santa hat and three pieces of equipment.

In addition, ambusher crews have a random chance to appear wearing Santa hats. Killing the “Hoarder” NPC wearing a Santa hat gives the chance of dropping “The Sleigher” (guaranteed to drop the first time), a weapon that shoots snowballs and confuses enemies when hit.

For more details and information, head on over here for the full patch notes. In the meantime, check out the full stream reveal below.


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