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Where is the dagger pointing them next?

The Sith coordinates they got from the Sith dagger points them to a planet where the remnants of the Second Death Star remain untouched, which doesn’t make sense in the Star Wars universe considering how many scavengers there in the galaxy.

Heck, they were cleaning up the leftovers of the Clone Wars only a few years after it ended, as shown in the recent Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order video game.

Coincidentally, a group of former First Order stormtroopers live on this planet, led by a woman named Jannah, who agrees to help Rey and the gang. Rey decides to be a dumbass and head to the Death Star ruins herself after she conveniently used the dagger to oh-so-easily locate the exact location of the Sith Wayfinder.

When she finds the Wayfinder, she’s confronted by Dark Rey, the one seen in the trailers.

Is Dark Rey real? 

Star Wars 9 6

Unfortunately for many fans out there, edgelord Rey is simply a Dark Force vision, similar to the one Luke experienced in The Empire Strikes Back when he saw his face in Darth Vader’s helmet.

Many already predicted this way before the movie was released, but that doesn’t make it any less disappointing.

Are there any lightsaber duels in this movie?

It is during this time that Kylo Ren conveniently shows up and confronts Rey, leading to one of the weakest lightsaber duels in the history of the franchise. This is the only fight in the movie worthy of being called a lightsaber duel and it’s so boring.

What should have been epic is just Rey and Kylo whacking at each other with glowing sticks.

The best lightsaber duels have great music, great choreography and an intense emotional tinge permeating the atmosphere. This particular duel has none of them, which marks Star Wars The Rise Of Skywalker as the only Star Wars movie without a decent or memorable lightsaber.

Heck, even The Last Jedi had the duel with Snoke’s Praetorian Guards that was better in retrospect.

Star Wars The Last Jedi Praetorian

The concluding instalment of the Skywalker Saga, and it doesn’t feature a halfway decent lightsaber duel. It’s a travesty. What is a Star Wars movie without lightsaber duels? You know, the very thing that the franchise is famous for? I sincerely doubt that anyone will remember Rey and Kylo’s duel in this movie next year, let alone decades from now.

Let me guess, more convenient plot points happened after that. 

That is not a question. And you guessed right. Kylo destroys the Sith Wayfinder, and this makes Rey angry enough to want to stab him in the belly with her lightsaber.

It’s unclear what really happens, but just as Rey impales Kylo, Leia calls out to her son through the Force to awaken his Light Side just before she drops dead.

Rey then uses the Force Healing she used on the sand serpent from Pasaana on Kylo Ren after stabbing him in the stomach. Why? I have no idea. She probably sensed Leia’s call to Kylo Ren or she feels guilty over stabbing him.

Rey, in emotional distraught, hijacks Kylo’s ship and goes to Ach-To, the planet where Luke died in The Last Jedi. Meanwhile, Kylo Ren undergoes a nonsensical 360-degree turn to the Light Side, after a vision of Han Solo appears to him and completely convinces him. It’s not a Force Ghost, because Han isn’t a Jedi, and he wasn’t blue.

This is when Kylo does one of the stupidest things in the movie. Now that he has reverted to being Ben Solo, he throws his cross-helm red lightsaber away as a symbolic gesture of redemption and leaving the Dark Side behind.

This obvious symbolism bites him in the ass because he later goes to Exegol and gets the crap beaten out of him by the Knights Of Ren. Oh boy, a lightsaber would have helped him a lot in that situation.

But that’s okay; the newly-invented Force item-trading-and-transporting powers will sort out that issue.

What? Another new Force power?

Yep! Earlier in the movie when Rey and the gang were at Pasaana, Kylo Ren can somehow grab the necklace she was holding across time and space, despite him being literally planets away. That’s how he discovered that they were on the desert planet in the first place.

When Kylo gets overwhelmed by the Knights Of Ren on Exegol, Rey uses the same new Force power by throwing or teleporting Anakin/Luke’s lightsaber to him. It’s a very convenient new Force power, and one that allows for the writers to easily resolve situations.

This new Force ability might only be possible due to the whole new Force Dyad concept, which will only be confirmed later on in the movie when Rey and Kylo confront Palpatine (more on that in the next page of this article). The Force Dyad concept explains the bizarre Force Bond between them, which was first seen in The Last Jedi (in which they could sense each other across time and space).

What did Rey do on Ach-To?

Rey is likely planning to hide away in seclusion on Ach-To and abandon her mission just like Luke. But just as she’s about to throw her lightsaber into the burning wreck that is Kylo’s ship, Luke’s Force ghost appears and grabs the lightsaber in time. Never mind how lore-breaking it is since Force ghosts aren’t supposed to be able to physically interact with anything from the living world.

Luke convinces her to confront Palpatine, but she doesn’t have a Sith Wayfinder. Oh, wait, the most laughably-ridiculous convenient thing happens, as it turns out there there’s a surviving Sith Wayfinder on Kylo’s ship. But wait, she doesn’t have a ship.

That’s ok; Force Ghost Luke uses the Force to levitate his old iconic Red Five X-Wing from the ocean, which surprisingly can still fly despite being submerged for Force knows how many years.

What is the Resistance doing now?

Meanwhile, the Resistance is still reeling from Leia’s death, with Poe given the reins of leadership. He rallies the remaining Resistance to bring the fight to Exegol, but an obstacle stands in the way: a cosmic storm.

How convenient then, that Rey is charting the safe route for them right there and then, allowing them to go straight to Exegol, without a plan.

The Resistance do not have a plan?

Nope, they do not. Sort of.

In a “hopefully it happens” kind of way. Lando goes to the Outer Rim and asks for the help of the rest of the Galaxy. They went into a sea of Star Destroyers just hoping that the rest of the Galaxy would come to their aid. They could have gotten decimated before help came, but whatever, right? Just take a page from Return of the Jedi and hope for the best.

When the help does come, it stretches my suspension of disbelief. How could Lando have amassed such a massive fleet of ships from so-called civilians and normal inhabitants of the galaxy?

Star Wars 9 3

When they did arrive, it was such an unbelievable deus ex machina moment that doesn’t feel as powerful as it should have been. I should have felt the same as I did when Gandalf the White arrived with reinforcements in the Battle of Helm’s Deep in The Lord Of The Rings: The Two Towers.

The Resistance also brought freaking horse-like creatures to a battle in space, and this is when the Sith Troopers appear.

The Sith Troopers arrive so unceremoniously that I can’t help but think that they’re just a half-baked creation for making toys. They’re not even hiding that fact at this point. Stuff like the Sith Troopers and Knights Of Ren are just fodder for toys and merchandise, that is if there are even any fans left who want to buy these when the dust clears.


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