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The Top 5 Games From Nintendo Direct Indie World Showcase 2020

The Nintendo Direct Indie World 2020 showcase has wrapped up, and while some of the trailers were vague in terms of gameplay, there’s still quite a bit to like here. Out of all the highlighted games, these were my top five:

Summer Mara

A “farming adventure” game where you get to decorate your island with buildings and farm crops and animals. There’s also an ocean for you to explore. I’m not sure why there are beast people too, but Summer Mara looks like a pleasant and peaceful game, which might be what we need right now.

Blue Fire

I know I just said that we needed a pleasant and peaceful game in these times, but Blue Fire just changed my mind. I’m not convinced by the slashing bits yet but the platforming – which seems to be the crux of the game – and dodging bits look pretty satisfying. Guess I should seriously consider getting a Switch now…

I Am Dead

Catchy title, ain’t it? The trailer doesn’t showcase the puzzle gameplay, but the premise is intriguing. You’re a guy whose home island, where humans seem to co-exist with animal people, is facing a deadly volcanic eruption. You have to save it, of course, but the catch is that you’re dead.

The Last Campfire

Maybe it’s because it was almost 2am when I wrote this, but I rewatched The Last Campfire‘s trailer a couple of times and still couldn’t make sense of it. Still, Hello Games’ new title has a nice-looking fantasy world and seeks to tell a story about “searching for meaning”. Sounds like it’d be quite a journey.


Baldo doesn’t have the greatest of video game titles, but the game itself looks pretty fine. It’s an open-world RPG with “towns to discover, secrets to unveil, and intricate dungeons”. The levels look varied, and there are a bunch of interesting-looking creature designs too.

Special mentions

Eldest Souls is a pixel-art boss-slaying game. The art-style isn’t to my liking but that’s just me, and I suspect that many will be drawn by its concept.

Finally, there’s The Good Life. The “mystery RPG” looks a bit dated and unpolished, but it also involves a town where people turn into cats and dogs because of the full moon and lets you ride a sheep, so I can overlook that.

There you have it, folks. Those were my own personal choices from the many games which were featured in the Nintendo Direct Indie World 2020 showcase. If you want to check out all the games, you can watch the full 20-minute presentation below.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PHUIV8DYptQ&w=560&h=315]


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