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PUBG has conjured up a whimsical limited-time mode in celebration of April Fool’s Day. Called Fantasy Battle Royale, this mode offers a different spin on the usual PUBG experience.

There are classes, for example, with players choosing from the Barbarian, Ranger, Wizard, and Paladin. Barbarians are tough but fast melee-centric combatants, while the Ranger are stealthy and armed with a powerful crossbow.

Wizards are the squishiest but have formidable abilities like meteor showers at their disposable, and Paladins are healers with heavy armour and a shield.

Instead of looting weapons and attachments, players will find crafting components to improve their weapons with instead. “Fantasy BR has given us the opportunity to test a few new ideas in a real (but fantasy) (but still real) environment,” the developers explain. “A big part of Battle Royale is survival and we’ve been curious what crafting on the Battlegrounds might look like.”

They note that this is no guarantee that whatever they put in Fantasy Battle Royale will show up in regular PUBG, but it gives them “a good way to get them out to you and gather your feedback so we can decide whether or not to develop them further”.

There are various other changes in Fantasy Battle Royale like disabled friendly fire, no 1 or 3-man squads, and only lower-durability versions of the motorcycle and UAZ as available vehicles. You can check out the full run-down here.

While I haven’t tried the mode yet, the idea behind Fantasy Battle Royale is fun enough that I kinda want it to stay in the game, forever. For now, however, it’s planned to only run from 1 April (12am PDT) to 7 April 2020 (11.59pm PDT), meaning that it will end on 8 April 2020 at 2.59pm in Malaysia.


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