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The SingaHeroes Kickstarter Project Assembles Singapore’s Best Comic Book Talents

The Southeast Asian region doesn’t lack great comic book talent and the SingaHeroes Kickstarter project is here to prove it. It aims to assemble the works of the best comic book artists and writers in Singapore in a single comic book anthology, featuring superheroes inspired by or based on the country.

The SingaHeroes 100-page comic anthology will feature not only 13 stories of varying genres, but almost 20 different artists from Singapore and Malaysia. Headlined by comic regular Ryan Mennen, SingaHeroesalso introduces some familiar guest talents such as Jedd Jong, Joshua Simon, Fauzi Azzhar & Mark Kinoshita, and David Goh.

SingaHeroes 9

A collaboration between The Fandom Menace Ltd. (TFM) and CS Comics (CSC), the characters within SingaHeroes include the likes of:–

    • Singafist, a hero inspired by a little known Singaporean martial art.
    • Crimson Star, Singapore’s first all-Singaporean superhero.
    • Kucinta, an ordinary furball with an extraordinary approach to paying it forward.
    • King Of The Straits, a mythic take on a familiar icon.
    • Scalemail & Ixora, Singapore’s first LGBTQ superheroines.

While the project won’t be the first to accomplish this feat, the creators behind SingaHeroes wishes to pioneer a culture of imaginative storytelling and looks at this as an opportunity for the perception of local comics to change.

Backers who contribute just SGD$2 will net you a special look into the production of SingaHeroes and a print-ready softcopy of the SingaHeroes cover art. There are various rewards for different amounts of contributions, but the most expensive ones will even see your own created character featured on the cover.

The SingaHeroes Kickstarter project is planning for an August 2020 release. In the meantime, you can check out the featured works on the official Kickstart page here.

SingaHeroes 1


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