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You’ve noticed that today’s Ubisoft Forward online event have a few omissions from its stable of game reveals. Apart from Gods & Monsters and Beyond Good & Evil 2, we are curious as to what happened to action multiplayer ship-steering pirate game Skull & Bones. Especially since its creative director Justin Farren left the company last year, which may make some folks worried about the fate of the game.

Fret not, as a Ubisoft Singapore spokesperson got back to us that the game is still in development and being produced as we speak.

Ubisoft Singapore is continuing development on Skull & Bones and production has not stopped. Our focus remains on quality first and we’re grateful for your undying support.”

Furthermore, the game’s direction has dramatically changed. According to anonymous sources via VGC, the game has moved from Ubisoft’s usual “premium box model” to a live service model ala Fortnite and every other “live services” game in the market. Skull & Bones will have a strong focus on community elements and world events via player engagement. Filling in the shoes of former creative director Justin Farren is Elisabeth Pellen, who used to be Ubisoft’s former editorial VP.

This all sounds too much like marketing speak; it’s best to see it for ourselves in a future Ubisoft Forward event. From all this, the game might be going the free-to-play route.

The market for action games featuring piracy is kind of a niche worth tapping into. Right now, Rare’s Sea of Thieves is ruling that proverbial roost. In the meantime, keep yourself entertained with these Skull & Bones videos we have on tap. Y’arr…..

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