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Genshin Impact is a lovely free-to-play online RPG, but like most developing titles of online nature, it isn’t done yet.

Mihoyo announced that it will be expanding its crown jewel RPG with new content, a new region, and a slew of improvements from November until February 2021. Here’s the official roadmap and our breakdown:

On 11th November, Genshin Impact will get the Update 1.1 that fixes bugs and improve various systems. These include:

  • a lock items and equipment feature so they aren’t accidentally used as fodder to power up other items,
  • a monster encyclopedia,
  • an option to use food and medicine without opening the inventory,
  • a new item to help you locate hidden chests and collectibles that you missed,
  • an option to customize controls and rebind keys.
  • an option to report misbehaving players in multiplayer.
  • some fixes for Lisa’s attack that sometimes does not inflict elemental reactions as intended.
  • A new mini-event called The Unreturned Star. There are no details about this as of yet.

On 23rd December, Genshin Impact will receive its first major update called Update 1.2. Additions include:

  • A new region called Dragonspine Mountain, hopefully with new quests and domains to complete and farm on.

Update 1.3 will arrive in February and will feature a Lantern Rite Festival that offers a series of player activities associated with it. Basically, there’s enough time for players to farm to max level for a few of their favourite characters between now to November, or between 11th November to 23rd December. Or between that December date to February 2021. Have fun! Maybe you can use our starter character guide and advanced leveling guide to sort you out.

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