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Balan Wonderworld Is Getting Positive-Bombed On Metacritic

For some reason, Balan Wonderworld is getting review-bombed on Metacritic. Surprisingly, instead of getting a bunch of negative reviews (like games getting review-bombed usually do), it’s actually getting tons of positive ones. This is particularly weird because not only did we give Balan Wonderworld a pretty bad review (check it out here), it’s also currently showing a Mixed rating on Steam as well.

Over the past few days, a suspicious number of 10/10 scores have been pouring in from Metacritic users, bumping Balan Wonderworld‘s user score up to an overall positive average of 76 (compared to its critic score of 27). The reviews are mostly in single sentences written in broken English, with weird names. Check out some of them below:

“Live this game as an adventure And you will be rewarded with the best platform ever” – Larryor

“Overall, I’m feel satisfied by this Balan Wonderworld” – Ukaty

“Best game of this decade” – Omono

“A really shiny experience to live for just have some good moments of fun, with a nice platform” – Beryph

“This is the greatest platform game made in the whole gen” – Okuman

“Egregious and absolutely stunning game” – Uqln

“This Balan Wonderworld became one of my favorite platforming games after hitting the credits” – Ezynu

“If you love games like NiGHTS or Croc, you will also love this Balan Wonderworld” – Olony

“It’s just like playing the old good platform games, like NiGTHS or Croc, and I love this” – Whastym

“I’m like it” – Klroph

What’s happening here? Are bots doing this for some reason? It probably won’t encourage more people to buy Balan Wonderworld, so what’s the point? It remains a mystery.

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