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There’s a ton of new No More Heroes 3 details that popped up today thanks to a recent Grasshopper Manufacture stream helmed by game director Suda51.

Here’s the breakdown of the third-person action game:

  • The game’s story is what many have suspected: it takes the premise of ET, except the alien comes back with his gang and want to take over the Earth alongside his human friend Damon, who has some of the alien’s powers and made a name of himself being rich and whatnot.
  • The aliens are led by FU Jess Baptiste VI. The revealed members of his crew (the bosses you have to kill in NMH fashion) are Mr Black Hole and Gold Joe.
  • Travis Touchdown is back, of course, and has his trademark Beam Katana killing moves and pro-wrestling grapples; 12 of them.
  • He is joined by Shinobu and Bad Girl, the latter being resurrected in Travis Strikes Back thanks to the power of a video game.
  • Travis’ cat is back too, and has her own minigame involving a ball.
  • You still need to do jobs like lawn-mowing and trash-collecting for the sake of progression.
  • When you kill enemies, a slot machine thing pops up on-screen. If it gets a “777”, you can transform into a sentai superhero for max damage and super moves.

In addition, publisher Marvellous also announced a No More Heroes III Killion Dollar Trilogy edition, which contains all three games for Nintendo Switch. It comes with a sweet special box artwork from Yusuke Kozaki. This version is out on the same day as the regular Switch version, which is 27th August.

Killion Dollar is such a baller name, if you must know.

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