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Check Out The Guilty Gear Strive Tier List From Japan’s Finest

We have a pretty solid Guilty Gear Strive tier list from Southeast Asia’s best Guilty Gear players, but what about from the country that made the game and has its slew of experts and pro players? Well, we’ve got you covered.

Top Japanese fighting game players Go1, KojiKOG, Dogura, and Kyamei have revealed their personal tier lists for Guilty Gear Strive on a recent fighting game discussion stream (via NOZO| Aletheia). It seems that they share a common opinion: both Sol Badguy and Chipp Zanuff are considered S Tier characters and have huge advantages over the rest of the cast.

For Sol, it’s his main character status: beginner players will gravitate towards him because of his kit and all-rounder playstyle, though pro players see this as a means to break the game thanks to his standing S that’s perfect for fishing counters. Chipp may have the lowest health among all the cast, but his rushdown and mixups are second to none. Few players have the best defense against the ninja’s onslaught in the hands of a professional.

As for troublemakers like May and Ramlethal, they’re usually in the A or B tier list. Anji and Faust are the most common picks for the lower tiers. These two cater to a specific playstyle that may be hard for a damage-heavy fighting system like Guilty Gear Strive.

It’s only been two weeks since the game is officially out, so don’t take these tier lists to heart; think of them as guidelines on what to expect in the game’s ever-evolving meta. Full tier list below:


S Tier


A Tier

Sol Badguy, May, Millia, Ramlethal, Giovanna

B Tier

Potemkin, Nagoriyuki, Ky Kiske, I-No, Faust

C Tier


No Idea Tier

Zato-1, Leo, Axl


S Tier

Sol Badguy

A Tier

Chipp, May, Leo

B Tier

Ramlethal, Giovanna, Millia, Zato-1, Axl

C Tier

I-No, Ky Kiske, Nagoriyuki, Potemkin, Anji, Faust


S Tier

Sol Badguy, Chipp

A Tier

Ramlethal, Giovanna, May, Millia, Zato-1

B Tier

Leo, Axl, Potemkin, I-No, Nagoriyuki, Ky Kiske, Anji, Faust


S Tier

Sol Badguy, Chipp, Zato-1

A Tier

Ramlethal, May, Millia, Giovanna, Leo

B Tier

Potemkin, Ky Kiske, Axl

C Tier

Faust, Nagoriyuki, I-No, Anji

For more on Guilty Gear Strive, check out our review of the game.

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