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Souls-Like Platformer Salt And Sacrifice Unveils New Epic Gameplay

Salt And Sacrifice, the next instalment in the million-plus selling souls-like platformer Salt And Sanctuary series from Ska Studios and Devoured Studios, begins the hunt for Mages on PS4, PS5 and PC sometime in Q1 2022.

In the Alterstone Kingdom, captured criminals face two choices for their punishment: death or service. Most opt for execution, but a brave few choose to live life in penance as Marked Inquisitors. These wandering wrongdoers hunt wicked Mages, devouring their hearts to prevent them from terrorizing the Kingdom any further. 

Players can customize a Marked Inquisitor’s crime, look, and class. You can choose from one of eight starting classes — Highblade, Paladin, Assassin, Cleric, Dualist, Fighter, Ranger, or Sage — then partake in the Magebane Rite. Imbibe the sacred drink, speak the words, and come away from the rite Spellmarked, in a flux state between life and death. Free from mortal fears, the Inquisitors vow to spill the blood of Mages to put an end to their cruelty. 

Prepare for each excursion at Pardoner’s Vale, a hub filled with friendly Inquisitors. Set out and roam eerie villages, tomb temples, and swamp kingdoms in single-player or drop-in drop-out online co-op. Find clues and track down more than 20 types of Mages, including scorching Pyromancers, toxic Venomancers, and abominable Corpumancers. Wield grappling hooks and pursue them, then slay them in brawler-style side-scrolling combat. 

Pillage the remains of Mages to craft new equipment with Runic Arts, granting Inquisitors unprecedented new abilities. Search every decrepit corner across multiple maps for powerful melee weapons, deadly ranged weapons, and protective armour and charms. Join multiplayer factions, including the cooperation-focused Dawnlight Order and the player-killing Shroud Alliance.

Ska Studios brings back its signature hand-drawn look, providing each candlelit cave and foggy forest with a personal feel. The expansive Bestiary features more than 100 monsters, many inspired by Scandinavian folklore. James Silva’s haunting score injects a sense of foreboding throughout the entire journey.

Ska Studios founder James Silva said:

“Seeing the multiplayer aspects of Salt and Sacrifice come to life has been really cool. There are so many interesting things we can do with our different factions’ goals within this perilous Mage-wracked world.”

Salt And Sacrifice will be available for PS4, PS5 and PC for US$19.99 sometime in Q1 2022 in English, French, Italian, German, Spanish and Portuguese.

To learn more, please follow @SkaStudios on Twitter, like Ska Studios’ official Facebook page, and check out Ska’s Twitch stream.

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