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Streamline Media Group welcomes entertainment franchise and tech investment veteran David G. Wilson onto its growing advisory board. Wilson is best known for his production, merchandising, and licensing roles on the James Bond franchise at EON Productions Ltd, spending more than thirty years working on one of the longest-running and most successful franchises of all time. 

Wilson will work with Streamline to expand its insights and expertise in traditional and transformative media, deepening its capabilities and position in developing services and offerings around the Metaverse. 

Streamline Media Group CEO and Co-Founder  Alexander Fernandez said:

“David is a steward of the world’s largest franchise in movie history.

His track record in looking  beyond traditional means of community and consumer engagement, combined with his years of experience with EON Productions and his investments in the digital economy, present exciting opportunities for the future of Streamline.”  

Streamline is firmly positioned as a collaborative partner for digital creative experiences that bring brands and consumers together. The company is championing video game technology and methodology as the impetus for the future of work and societal engagement across non-gaming industries.

Wilson said:

“Digital media is the Cambrian explosion of our times. We are working together to create new opportunities for audience-driven entertainment and fan-managed  franchises that no longer rely upon gatekeepers to broker critical resources.” 

This partnership underscores Streamline’s vision and the convergence between media,  entertainment, business, and technology. Video game technology is now more accessible than ever, creating transferable skills and evolving into a collaborative community across industries. Streamline and Wilson will be working together to enable this democratization of the digital creative economy and transform the future of entertainment.

Recently, former PlayStation CEO Shawn Layden joined the company’s advisory board. One of the games developed by Streamline is Bake ‘n Switch, a party brawler that features co-op and player-versus-player party action for up to four players with online multiplayer capabilities. It is now available on PC and Nintendo Switch.

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