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Marvel’s Guardians Of The Galaxy Launch Trailer Teases Mystery Villain

Publisher Square Enix and developer Eidos Montreal have released the launch trailer for Marvel’s Guardians Of The Galaxy. It’s slated to launch for the PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and PC on 27 October 2021.

While the trailer is mostly filled with action, it does end with a mysterious reveal of an unknown individual, who might very well be a famous Marvel villain. And no, some are calling this character Adam Warlock, but it’s very high likely NOT Adam Warlock.

It’s actually Magus.

Who Is Magus?

To know who Magus is, we first need to know who Adam Warlock is. Adam Warlock is set to be introduced into the Marvel Cinematic Universe with Will Poulter playing him in the upcoming Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 3 anyways.

In the comics, Adam Warlock is a prominent character in Marvel cosmic-based stories, which are stories that have to do with aliens and space. This is why we rarely see him in most stories that take place on Earth. Adam Warlock was originally created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby in the pages of Fantastic Four (issues #66-67 in 1967), but it was Roy Thomas and Jim Starlin who gave him his backstory and full name.

Adam Warlock was genetically engineered by a group of scientists called the Enclave, who wanted to create a genetically perfect individual. He was born from a cocoon (which is why we saw that cocoon at the end of Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2). Not only is Adam Warlock incredibly strong, fast and wield the power cosmic (manipulate energy and stuff), he also derives his power from the Soul Gem (or Soul Stone) on his forehead. This Soul Stone allows him access to a pocket universe.

It’s this same Soul Gem that caused a future version of Adam Warlock to become insane and transform into the evil tyrant, Magus.

So, basically, Magus is an older and evil variant of Adam Warlock. He also has a literally universe-wide cult called the Universal Church Of Truth, with an empire and army of its own. There’s also another version of Magus who is all the evil expelled from the body of Adam Warlock.

The ‘old’ version of Magus.

Why do I think that’s Magus and not Adam Warlock at the end of the Marvel’s Guardians Of The Galaxy launch trailer? One, the Universal Church Of Truth is already confirmed to be the antagonists of the game. Secondly, it’s what he says in the trailer:

“So, the shepherd’s found fresh flock.”

That sounds like what a cult leader would say, and that perfectly describes Magus.

So, yeah, that’s Magus, not Adam Warlock. But if there’s Magus in the game, then we should expect to see Adam Warlock as well. We can’t have Magus without Adam Warlock or vice versa.

The ‘new’ Magus.

Key Features

  • Lead the Guardians of the Galaxy – You play as Star-Lord, so nothing’s off-limits with your bold combat style, from Element Blasters and jet boot-powered dropkicks to tag-team beat-downs. With the Guardians fighting at your side, call the shots and overwhelm your opponents with signature attacks. Meanwhile, the consequences of your decisions will range from light-hearted to downright unexpected as your journey unfolds.
  • All-New Story – Your newly-formed band of legendary misfits is set to save the universe in this fresh but faithful take on the Guardians of the Galaxy. Somehow, you set off a chain of catastrophic events, leading to a wild ride through mind-blowing worlds inhabited by iconic and original Marvel characters. Turn up the all-star 80s mixtape and get ready to kick it.
  • From Misfits to Heroes – You’re the only thing holding the unpredictable Guardians together, so you’ll have to get better at this leadership thing fast. With this offbeat approximation of a family at your side, there will be tears and laughter as you set about tearing into the cosmos together. Whatever’s waiting around the next corner, you know it’s going to be a riot.

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