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Shadowverse Open 2022 Introduces A New Format For The Card Game Esports

Cygames has announced the new format and details for this year’s Shadowverse Open 2022, or Shadowverse Open Esports 2022. This new format replaces the previous WGP 2022 with a new card-set based tournament. Players will compete in four Shadowverse Open tournaments throughout the year within their respective regions (West and SEAO).

According to the official website, the planned schedule for this year’s Shadowverse Open 2022 is as follows:

  • Omen of Storms Cup: February
    • West – 19 February 2022 (Sat) & 20 February 2022 (Sun)
    • SEAO – 26 February 2022 (Sat) & 27 February 2022 (Sun)
  • 24th Card Set Cup: May (TBD)
  • 25th Card Set Cup: August (TBD)
  • 26th Card Set Cup: November (TBD)

The format will remain the same as 2021’s SVO Monthly Cup, but there will no longer be a participation number limit per tournament. The tournament consists of seven swiss rounds with 16 or 32 player playoffs on Day 1, followed by top 8-player single-elimination broadcasted matches on Day 2. All games will be conducted in Rotation, BO3 1 BAN, Conquest format.

In-game Tournament Mode will be utilized and all players will play on the same playing field with access to the same cards.

The cash prize for Shadowverse Open 2022 is as follows:

However, winners will also receive more than just prize money, including in-game champions’ flair, novelty prizes, and a custom SVO trophy.


In addition, Cygames has also announced a brand new broadcasted tournament, Shadowverse Weekend Showdown. This is a more casual format where players will compete in a combined regional tournament with players from both West and SEAO regions.

Shadowverse Showdown will take place in March, June, and September 2022. Similar to Shadowverse Open 2022, the Showdown will occur over two days with seven swiss rounds and 16 or 32 player playoffs on Day 1 followed by the top 8 broadcasted matches on the next day.

The format will be Rotation and Take 2 combined for the swiss rounds and Rotation in single-elimination for the playoffs and the top 8. All Rotation games will be conducted in Best-Of-3, No BAN, Conquest format and Take 2 will be conducted in BO3. There will also be original in-game prizes as well as special raffle prizes.

The developer has promised that more Shadowverse Weekend tournaments will be held throughout the year and players who score 5-0 during the Shadowverse Weekend tournaments will receive one bye round during the first Swiss round on Day 1 for Shadowverse Weekend Showdown.

All of this will culminate in the Shadowverse Open All Star, an amazing and epic region combined major tournament which will take place sometime later this year. More details and information will be revealed in the near future


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