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The Hypnospace Universe Is Getting Two New Games

Hypnospace Outlaw, one of this generation’s best adventure games set in the internet of the 90s landscape-type thing, is getting two games set in its universe.

The first one is Dreamsettler, the ’00s internet simulator that’s a spiritual sequel to Hypnospace Outlaw. Here’s a synopsis of the game:

“Sleepnet. It’s where dreams are literally made. But sometimes dreams need a little help, and that’s where you come in. They say a private eye never sleeps, but to crack these cases you’ll need to be out cold.”

Check out the reveal trailer below. And if you’re interested in the beta, you can sign up here right now.

The next game announcement in the Hypnospace universe is a “boomer” shooter title called Slayers X, which is made by in-game Hypnospace character Zane Lofton. The shooter will be out for consoles and PC, and features 2D graphics-filled BUILD engine-style first-person shooting gameplay and levels.

It also comes with a product description that’s written from a 37-year old “resident cool dude”.

So…. got what it takes to be a X Slayer?!?… 7 weapons, blood and gore, twisted music by Seepage & Psyko Syndikate, and maps where you can blow up everything. its awesome. started making it in 1998 in high school with my friend and now im 37, so i have life experience now.

Weapons and Areas

Weather by:

  • S-Blade
  • Double Pistols
  • Glass Blaster
  • Explosive Sludge Launcher
  • X100 Rapid Mutilator
  • Triple Helix Missile Launcher
  • Hackblood Power

These Psykos Will Pay…

we will hunt them down and get them wherever they hide…. they can hide anywhere like…

  • my room
  • the sewer
  • the playground
  • the dollar$haver store
  • the laundrymat
  • professor pizza
  • inside a computer
  • at the south boise july 4th fair
  • and more…

Comedy gold from Big Z Studios and No More Robots right there.

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