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MultiVersus Free-To-Play & Microtransaction Guide: Who Is Free & Who Has A Price Tag?

The Warner Bros. 2D fighting game with platforming elements, MultiVersus, is out now in open beta form for a select few, with the game being available for everyone with PCs and consoles (sans Nintendo Switch) this 26 July. The fighting game is a free-to-play title, meaning that extra costumes and cosmetics will cost you real-life money.

How does the game’s microtransactions work? And what is inside the game’s dubbed Founder’s Pack where Warner Bros is giving you the privilege to buy the game early? Stick around this feature and find out as we dissect what we know so far from the open beta.

How To Get Into MultiVersus Beta Early

If you managed to gain Early Access before July, then you can play the game right now in open beta form.

You can also buy the MultiVersus Foudner’s Pack, which grants instant access to the beta in addition to instant character unlocks, premium currency, and other premium items for the free-to-play game. Here are the prices for the Founder’s Pack from Standard to Premium Editions.

Founder’s Pack – Standard Edition

The Standard version costs US$39.99 and includes the following:

  • 15 Character Tokens for instant character unlocks
  • 1 Exclusive Banner (Rare)
  • 300 Gleamium (in-game currency)

Founder’s Pack – Deluxe Edition

The Deluxe Edition of the MultiVersus Founder’s Pack costs US$59.99, with all the below contents packaged inside:

  • 20 Character Tokens
  • 1 Exclusive Banner (Rare)
  • 1 Premium Battle Pass
  • 1 Banner (Epic)
  • 1 Ring Out Effect (Epic)
  • 1,000 Gleamium

Founder’s Pack – Premium Edition

Finally, the Premium offering costs a gargantuan US$99.99, features the items below:

  • 30 Character Tokens
  • 1 Exclusive Banner (Rare)
  • 3 Premium Battle Passes
  • 2 Banners (Epic and Legendary)
  • 2 Ring Out Effects (Epic and Legendary)
  • 1 Unique Nameplate
  • 2,500 Gleamium

What Is Free In MultiVersus?

For starters, the following characters from the 16-character roster are available from the get-go:

  • Shaggy
  • Harley Quinn
  • Jake the Dog
  • Taz

Complete the tutorial to unlock Wonder Woman; no additional money is required. However, you need to spend in-game or premium currency (Gleamium) to buy the rest of the characters If you plan to use in-game currency to buy the characters, you need to spend 1,500 to 3,000 coins to get them. You earn these by playing matches and completing missions. If you want to spend real money, the characters are worth up to 700 Gleamium. :

  • Batman – 2,000 coins or 700 Gleamium
  • Superman – 2,000 coins or 700 Gleamium
  • Iron Giant – 3,000 coins or 700 Gleamium
  • Garnet – 1,500 coins or 700 Gleamium
  • Steven Universe – 3,000 coins or 700 Gleamium
  •  Reindog – 2,000 coins or 700 Gleamium
  • Finn – 2,000 coins or 700 Gleamium
  • Velma – 2,000 coins or 700 Gleamium
  • Arya – 3,000 coins or 700 Gleamium
  • Bugs – 2,000 coins or 700 Gleamium
  • Tom & Jerry – 3,000 coins or 700 Gleamium

Keep in mind that all characters are available free of charge in the Training Room called The Lab, so you can get the feel of each fighter before you commit to buying them. If you buy the aforementioned Founder’s Pack for US$39.99, you unlock all 16 characters.

Each character’s alternate costume is also locked behind a paywall; either they’re available in the store or obtainable by farming for the game’s Battle Pass system. Here’s the Early Access list so far:

  • Shaggy (Uncle Shagworth) – Premium Battle Pass tier 1
  • Wonder Woman (Bloodlines) – 500 Gleamium
  • Batman (The Animated Series) – 2,000 Gleamium
  • Superman (One Million) – 1,500 Gleamium
  • Taz (Beachcomber) – 500 Gleamium
  • Iron Giant (Classic) – 250 coins
  • Iron Giant (Beach Giant) – 800 Gleamium
  • Garnet (First Fusion) – 800 Gleamium
  • Steven (Coach) – 500 Gleamium
  • Jake (Cake) – Premium Battle Pass tier 15
  • Reindog (Battle) – 1,500 Gleamium
  • Finn (Pajama) – Free Battle Pass tier 15
  • Velma (Luau) – 1,500 Gleamium
  • Arya (Waterdancer) – 800 Gleamium
  • Bugs (Hollywood) – 1,500 Gleamium
  • Harley (Mad Love) – 1,500 Gleamium
  • Tom & Jerry (Pirates) – 500 Gleamium

To find out who might be in MultiVersus post-open beta, head to this newspiece.

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