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Taiko no Tatsujin Nintendo Switch Gets New Features

The newest content of your favourite Taiko drum rhythm game is coming to the Nintendo Switch later this year on 23 September.

New content from Taiko no Tatsujin: Rhythm Festival includes trendy hot tracks like “MEGALOVANIA”, “Gurenge”, “Feel Special”, “Into the Night”, and many more. They have also added new gameplay features such as “Improvement Support” – the Concierge Mode which helps you to skill up in parts you have trouble with in the game — in other words, your “practice mode”.

Among other new modes introduced, you can play against other players or your friends in “Online Matches”, a Co-op mode in “DON-chan Band”, and a multiplayer party mode “Great Drum Toy” is added to the instalment.

500 additional songs are also accessible with the “Taiko Music Pass” subscription upon launch.

A bunch of features and pluses are introduced so brace drum sticks for this. You will be welcomed to Omiko City, the centre stage for Taiko no Tatsujin: Rhythm Festival and be on your way to becoming a Taiko Master together with DON-Chan’s and Kumo-kyun’s help. Stories are unlocked according to your gameplay progress. Below are snippets from Chapter 1 – The Night of Fireworks and Meeting a Cloud

The instalment also includes difficulties “Easy”, “Normal”, “Hard”, “Extreme” as well as a variety of modes such as “Handheld mode”, “TV mode”, “Controller Sharing”, “Motion Controls”, “Touch controls” and “Taiko & Drums”.

Also introduced is ‘Taiko Land’ a.ka. Party Games in which the “Great Drum Toy War” lets you arrange your very own deck of ‘toys’ to battle together against your opponent.

In “DON-Chan Band” a.k.a. Co-op mode, you can team up with your friends and family to ensemble your own drum band concert. Every member will have a different instrument to play so teamwork is key to success!

And when you clear your missions, you’ll get rewards (duh). Rewards include unlocking new purchasable toys and songs!

Dondoko Town is the Online Matching feature of the game where players from around the world battle it out with each other in Dondoko Town. Drum your way and show the rest who’s best at the beats in ranked battles!

Upon winning your rank matches, you will receive Rank Points which you use to enter Promotion Battles. Contents for Online Ranked Matches are swapped every first day of the month. Players will then get their rewards based on their rankings.

You can also customise your own rules and match with other players in “Online Room Matches”. Seems like Taiko Mode and Great Drum Toy War are playable modes in Online Room Matches. Get crazy and creative with rules for some extra fun.

Of course, the plentiful features also include customising your DON-Chan with outfits and name plates for more personalisation that fits your taste. Dress to impress against other players why don’t you.

Taiko Music Pass is a paid subscription service for the game where subscribers can have access to over 500 songs in total which include popular Anime songs, Vocaloid songs, video game tracks, and classical. You will also get a bonus special outfit “Kumi Drum” for your DON-Chan when you join Taiko Music Pass.

And last in the features of the game is for those who own Taiko no Tatsujin: Drum ‘n’ Fun will carry the game’s theme song and other contents over to Taiko no Tatsuji: Rhythm Festival for some nostalgic hits!

You can find out more about the game on their Bandai Namco official site.

Even for a popular and long-standing rhythm game, that’s quite the plentiful content it has to offer to be playable on a handheld console such as the Nintendo Switch. What do you think about the number of modes, features, and song choices the game has? What other modes should they implement in their future games? Do let us know down in the comments or head over to our socials for further discussions.

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