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Has The PlayStation 5 Been Jailbroken Yet? Seems Likely

All signs seem to point to “yes” if recent reports are of any indication.

A limited but working jailbreak for the PlayStaiton 5 hardware has reportedly been released. This will enable players to install unsigned or unofficial software. Yes, that means you can install the long-lost P.T. demo from the PS4 days before #fuckkonami happened. This was proven in a video from modder Lance McDonald; he was renowned for releasing an unofficial patch that made Bloodborne run at 60fps on PS4. Basically a worldwide hero.

The watermark on the right indicates that Lance himself didn’t discover the PS5 jailbreak, though he was fine sharing footage across the internet. The jailbreak gives users access to a debug menu, as well as install a PS4 PKG file. This allowed him to install the P.T. demo.

Before you can start panicking/celebrating, just know this: the jailbreak’s capacity is limited to PS5 consoles with firmware version 4.03, which was released in October 2021. Odds are PS5s that are up to date cannot run the damn thing. The jailbreak app only works 30% of the time, and requires multiple attempts to execute.

Of course, this means that Sony and PlayStation will be on some level of alert; hackers and modders do work really fast and can evolve their tech over a good span of time. Just because.

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