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Somerville Walkthrough: How To Solve These Alien Puzzles

Somerville is out right now for PC and consoles; if you’re a fan of mysterious adventure puzzle games like Inside and Limbo, you’ll find something to love in Somerville. The game pits you as a lost dad in search of his wife and kid amidst an alien invasion on Earth; you also get special alien powers halfway to help you out.

Somerville’s puzzles and obstacles can be tricky to figure out. Here are our video guides to help you out:


Somerville Endings Guide

Resignation Ending

To get this ending, go to the second-last chapter of the game when you get your blue and red powers back. After getting the flare, you can melt the wall away. Head north until you reach a point (after a long drop into water) where you see your wife on a couch. Sit on the couch, then wait 10 seconds until the screen fades. Voila: you’ve got the first bad ending in the game.


Resignation Reprise

Reach the tail end of Somerville where you see a giant field with three alien monoliths (Chapter 13). There will be different endings here depending on what you do and what you communicate with the three aliens. The key is using your three powers: the blue, the red, and purple (LT+RT) power.

To get this other resignation ending, just follow the alien’s colour sequence. If they go blue, red, blue, then you use the blue, red, and blue power. Just repeat this until you see a giant house pop up in the middle. Walk into the house to unlock this ending.


War of the Worlds Ending

Just use and charge your purple power for 15 seconds until you trigger a huge explosion. Voila: you’ve destroyed everything!


Family First Ending

When the aliens communicate the following sequence -blue, blue, red- reply to them with blue, blue blue. The aliens will literally drop the ball; the same ones you saw with the visions of the children earlier on. This time, you get to see your family inside. Use your blue, red, and then purple power to sacrifice yourself, breaking the ball your wife and kid are trapped in. Voila: you’ve unlocked the Family First ending at the cost of your own life.

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